YEARS END What was great and what was awful about 2013?

Almost December, drawing to the year end, time for reflection.

How will you spend your thoughts?

What was great and what was awful about 2013?

For me 2013 has been about enjoying the fruits from the great transformations of 2012 and laying the structure for the next steps which are so exciting on every level. I would like to share what in 2012 that made great changes possible for me, perhaps it will help and inspire you too.

It started by simply realising that I didn’t want things to continue the way they were. I didn’t like the view of the future THAT brought.

So I started to write. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I wrote what I wanted instead. I let myself dream and I didn’t take the pen of the sheet until my hand was sore.

I realised to give energy to THIS future I would first have to Master the Past. I did.

So then it was time for a shake up, to do something for me. I choose Tony Robbins: Unleashing the Power Within in May and did a fire walk in London with 6,000 other people – amazing!

In June I made a Soul Quest June at my favourite Scottish Retreat, Anam Cara.

The soul quest and the rest of this massive year of change brought me many answers, new love in ALL the relationships in my life especially with my daughter, my friends and perhaps most importantly with myself!

Obviously this brought the changes in my work which I have now began to think of as Journey of the Initiate, which I will start to present next year. Starting with my first book:

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So let me leave you with something from my chapter on letting go of the past to help with the year’s reflection which we will celebrate together soon and lead to you planting the seeds for next year. As I was saying writing can be amazingly therapeutic – here’s how you can use it:

Writing It Out – Journalling

If you just cannot open up to another for whatever reasons, there are other ways of letting the emotions out. For some of us, writing down thoughts and feelings can be more helpful than conversation. Just getting it out through writing relieves the internal stress. If you find it hard to speak about deep emotions, haven’t cried in years, have suffered experiences you are reluctant to discuss, or have no friendly ear, a session with pen and paper may serve you well. Daily writing in a journal or even using a recording device is something you can do easily to escalate your own healing process. It doesn’t have to be a journal, you can write out your deepest thoughts and feelings through stories, letters, and diaries. Lots of my clients have benefited from writing letters, getting even the most deep seated hurts and angers out, then just burning the paper, letting it go. If it’s a biggy you can be ritualistic about it, destroy the paper in three different ways, three is a powerful number, the number of manifestation, get it out and let it go! Despite modern technology, the best method is actually writing by hand as this stimulates your body to produce more “natural killer cells,” a crucial element in your immune system. Don’t worry about the mechanics or grammar of the writing. You can always do corrections later if you must. One of my biggest breakthroughs in writing was when I attended a class where I had to write for six minutes without pause. If I got stuck I had to write the word I was stuck upon over and over until something else came through, through, through, through! I was amazed at what came out: both deep insights to my hurt and suffering and a creative flow I had never experienced before. It can work for you too.

I’m going to invite you to go deeper into the reflective process in “Winter Solstice” on my next blog.

Love and Light
Vicki Rebecca

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