Summing Up at Winter Solstice 2014 – Indy Ref Year

We are now fast approaching midwinter, a time of hibernation and of contraction for all of nature including us. Traditionally  a time when we look back on the year and what it brought.

This year I stayed home in Scotland. It may sound trivial but for me it was massive.  Staying home  didn’t make sense – it wasn’t “me”;  my daughter had flown the nest and I was free to roam; my lover couldn’t visit me here; I prefer sunshine to rain!  A gypsy at heart I have travelled all my life from the days of sticking out my thumb on the dual carriageway on the Stonehaven Road heading south in my teens to jumping on a jumbo jet to Peru when my husband left and broke my heart. Yet I had been hearing the “stay home” message since 2012 and being the die hard rebel I am, ignored it until 2014 when it came through so strong. Having paid the price of ignoring strong messages before, I finally stayed home.

It was referendum year, yet I could have quite easily walked through that summer without over-thinking politics. Being a proper Scotswoman, brought up to both fend for, and think for, myself, there was never any need to spend even one single grey cell considering which way to vote. Not one millisecond of doubt for me. But very quickly I realised it wasn’t so plain for us all, even those  I had considered like-minded.

I listened to folk voicing their fears:

“Oooo my kids might get bullied”; “I might lose my job and you know I work for the 4th richest man in the UK – but that’s OK because I do charity work at the weekend!”; “I might not manage to sell my house” “Tax might go up” and this one makes me laugh: “Things might change”, ooo that big bad monster  CHANGE. I knew better and being a straight talking kinda girl. had to speak my truth, ah here it was, another moment of awakening and let’s face it…

Once our eyes are open they can never close. Once you know, you know and you can never un-know.

So there I was feeling forced to be more than my one vote and to open the lid on what I saw as a sideways distractions – politics, economics – having to stare in the face of corrupt systems based on history, rank, privilege and mass inertia. Really, I just wanted to help people sort their shit out, lead a more fulfilling higher quality life. That was MY calling, wasn’t it? In fact I’d just written a book especially for that purpose, aimed at my clients, students and those who couldn’t make one to one sessions – o woa pretentious me. How could people even begin to afford the time to contemplate their own naval when our system of government has so many of us brainwashed into victim consciousness, and terrorised into thinking our very basic needs can not be met. Erm time for a re-think Vic!

I became a committed campaigner. I learned so much during that time. Food banks – honestly previously I had thought they were talking about the out of date bins that people rummaged in. I watched and along with many others others learned through social media, things I, as a committed seeker of truth had known for many years, – or thought I did until my own eyes opened even wider to just how bad things really were.

Parallel to that I delighted in this grassroots movement that was beginning to emerge. It got better. It wasn’t just political it was so much more and not just for me. I was connecting spiritually minded people throughout Scotland whom I had never known before. It wasn’t only the stay home message that became so clear but everything I had ever learned on my path as a seeker suddenly had a grassroots, real and very urgent purpose. All of us with similar thoughts. How to keep raising this consciousness, nurturing this creativity, help others work through the fear, teach our kids the empowerment they need. We began and next time the 45 will be 95.

Suddenly my work had a new meaning, a greater purpose and a greater good. I have realised since writing my first book that it is indeed when we share our gift, when we talk where our voice is breaking and stand tall even when we stand alone with the clarity of vision that comes from knowing without any doubt that your purpose is to be of service to that greater good that our life flows with a clarity hitherto unknown. We receive gifts we never would have guessed at. I’ve learned a lot about that this year and am so grateful.

So it gave me an idea, a way I could spread a little love and soften my usual bah humbug to Christmas.

I wrote the type of letter/s I would like to receive:

Dear friend,

This winter do something you love, take time just for you, sit in the sunshine and breathe.

Read this book, it is special to me because…

Enjoy these chocolates, I made them just for you…

Make yourself a cuppa in this special mug I bought to remind you that you are a child of the universe, whole and loved…

Your own words, written from the the heart will be much more creative and poignant than mine – just think, what messages, what permissions, what gifts would you like a stranger to give to you – and write that!

Now it is my turn to tell you –

You are loved, you are beautiful, you are light and deserve joy with your every breath on this wonderful planet.

So tell me – what do you REALLY want this Christmas?

I thank each and every one of you who have been influential on this marvelous year.

Lets’s resolve to keep our connection and our resolve that by this time next year our grassroots seeds have began to flourish, that we do everything in our power to protect our elderly and empower our young.

I pause for my dear friends that have passed and thank them for having touched my life and my heart. They are gone now so –

Do what YOU really want to do, Share your light, share your gift, share your love enjoy the stillness and rest. Have a great winter.

Love and Light



PS 2017 In the end us Scots voted against. De-centralisation will have to come for us to survive. Recapping this at the end of 2017 and just having watched the French film Tomorrow (Domain) – perhaps in a different way.
A year away ended the affair with my young Turkish lover but by the solstice I was feeling the allure of another set of dark brown eyes…
life goes on.
Namaste my friends.


  1. Natalie says:

    I totally agree with what you wrote we never give ourselves time to do what we want for ourselves because we always seem to be doing things for other people.

    • Vicki Rebecca says:

      So this year Natalie look into your own heart and wisdom and decide what would REALLY serve YOU – happy solstice!

  2. Vicki Rebecca says:

    Rushing out for a busy day in Aberdeen when this email stopped me in my tracks – honestly I sometimes feel so alone writing these and then every now and again I get a response that makes it all soooo worthwhile – thank you:

    Dear Vicki

    I just had to contact you to let know how your article has touched my heart.

    I have been on your mailing list for sometime and interested in quite a number of the things you bring to our attention.

    I have been on the spiritual path for a number of years but finding the balance of everyone thinking you are some goody two shoes or a religious freak and being opinionatedly realistic to what is really going on in the world somewhat challenging.

    You have summed up my feeling in one beautiful message ….. It’s good to know that there are others (I usually joke ….. Jedi) out there.

    Many you and your family have peace, love and many blessings along with a FINE toffee pudding this Christmas

    Much love


    It resonates so well and is the reason we need to keep up these beautiful connections – Happy Solstice and a fine pudding to you too!

  3. Alison says:

    Dear Vicki,

    I was deep in the doldrums of life when your email arrived. Your words “You are loved, you are beautiful, you are light. You deserve joy with every breath you take.” were so stunning and resonated so loudly that I felt instantly so much better. Wow! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas thought with us and I am sure many others felt the power of your words.

    Much love and light,

    Alison x

    • Vicki Rebecca says:

      Thank you so much for sharing that Alison – it just helps so much to be reminded of who we really are, for me connection is everything – let’s keep remembering this winter – love and light x

  4. Julie says:

    Tough, you’re getting a Christmas card 🙂 when you receive it you’re being remembered for the light you are during a time of year when darkness prevails.

    • Vicki Rebecca says:

      hahahaha – thank you Julie for your anticipated card and the smile you gave me this morning – love and light indeed sister xxx

  5. Aggie sangster says:

    Hi vi key I want to say I think you are amazing

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