Winter Solstice: Festival of Inner Renewal with Yoga Nidra Recording 2013

The days are shortening and the temperatures are dropping….

Does it make you long for the cosy fires, crisp winter walks and quality time with friends and family? Or dread the cost of Christmas, inevitable weight gain, remorse, and January blues? Whichever way you look at it you cannot deny this season brings out both the best and the worst in us. I see more clients between now and Spring than the rest of the year put together, so let me share something that has helped in the past.

Winter Solstice – festival of inner renewal.
The shortest day, longest night in the north (opposite for our Southern cousins), is the deepest moment of the winter, the point at which the sun stands still, where motion ceases, nature holds its breath and yet, life begins to stir again. Winter remains to unfold (has already in some cases) but a cycle has reversed, spring has been born. Seeds asleep under the cold earth and animals in hibernation will not move yet but within them a process has completed.

If you become more conscious of that cycle within yourself, you can see this is both a time of death and rebirth and use it for personal growth, for considering where you are on life’s journey and deciding what you intend to shift this winter and birth in spring.

Think about what in your life is due for renewal?

Inner reflection done in the days leading up to this time will make those shifts all the more powerful. At the moment of the Solstice a process will have completed itself deep within you too, whether you are aware of it or not, so get aware and make the most of this auspicious time!
Any journey has to begin with Self Knowledge so first look inside, get deeper into that reflective process. Simply observing your life as it is, or just putting out the intention that you are willing to see, to change, to let go. What can be most important is what you want instead. Start to let yourself dream now…..

Let your mind drift into new possibilities…..

During the recording I’m going to tell you when to hold your intention or resolve in your mind. Say it as if it is already true, make it simple, for example:

“I am calm and confident” ” I feel good, in fact I am smoking hot” “I attract all the abundance I need” “I relax” Say it like you mean it.

Then just make sure you have the time and the space and can be comfortable, lying flat on your back on the floor if possible, if not lie on your right side and if not that, then upright in the chair. The instructions will be given for lying flat on your back, known as shavassana in yoga, but just adapt that to whatever position is comfortable for you.

So make your intentions ready!

Recording of Yoga Nidra for the Winter Solstice

Start straight away, repeat the practice above every day, let me know how it goes, by mid-February, you will see a change.

December 21 2013 17:11 GMT and sunrise is 0846 (Glasgow)

“This dark and trying season is repeated in your life again and again. Each tragedy, loss, failure, and humiliation reaches its inmost movement, spends its energy, and from that long journey another begins, a journey to warmth, light, and expansion. You can plant the seed that will sprout in the spring. You can lay the foundation for a different winter to come after the summer that has yet to arrive. You can only do this for yourself.”

Next blog I will make suggestions on how to celebrate this auspicious time!

Scotly, near Banchory at the point of the Winter Solstice 2011.

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