What would you ask for If you could have anything you wanted?

Let’s just pretend that there are no limits – let’s pretend that the Bare Bum Doctor, Handsome Harry, Curly the Cougar or OK: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or the genie in the magic frigging lamp (just whoever does it for you) has waved their magic wand and all things are possible.

If all things are possible you may as well let go of all your objections and go for it. Throw it all into the quantum soup…. Write it down, write without pause. Grab the pen and paper, yes an actual pen and paper – get off the laptop and WRITE!

And do it NOW – don’t wait for the inevitable February remorse to get to the resolutions. (3 days of dead bird and sugar set you off didn’t it, not to mention the pre-holiday stress – I know) Let’s RE – SOLVE NOW that way you will have less remorse to start with.

Think about what you really want. I mean what you really, really want….

And no I am not on about fast cars and lots and lots of sex again… although my yoga guru did tell me that 70% of those on their death bed when asked what they wished they’d done more of, said… SEX – you got it!!!!!

So what do you really want: peace of mind, to be able to look the boss in the eye without wanting to hit him, be able to walk into a meeting commanding the room like Clint Eastwood; talk like Churchill or dance like Darcy Bussell? Perhaps go out for drinks / food / shopping and KNOW when to stop, be able to grab anything from the wardrobe and it fits, have a day without pain, hurt, obsessing about the ex, achieve your ambitions in sport, business or being the hottest lover this side of Seaton… oops I’m off again!

Just paying the bills on time. Certainly don’t let my imagination limit you – speak out or write out whatever it is YOU want – and do it now….

Whether you choose to frolic in fantasies or delve in despair your dreams WILL come true so you may as well have a hand in it. Because remember…

Thoughts matter

We all know that thoughts matter… don’t we???

We all know the laws of attraction, that our thoughts move outward in wave patterns. That we are putting our thoughts out there to the cosmos. It’s just that mostly we are not aware of it DURING the process being that we spend most of our time going about like farts in a trance, in other words not paying proper attention, but believe me this IS how we manifest our experience, simply through our choices, belief systems, intentions, and fears – conscious or otherwise! Every process of creation starts with thought, an idea, or a fantasy, nothing exists that did not first exist as pure thought. So your future can be changed, guided by the pictures you make and the thoughts you think, therefore your intention matters because of the energy it is constantly pulling toward you. So you have to be careful, be aware, be awake, take notice and absolutely fine tune what you are putting out there!!!!!

But do put your intentions out there and do ensure that they suit you, I mean really suit your life as you intend to create it.

To do that you need to know yourself. It can be simply realising that you don’t want things to continue the way they are. That’s how it started for me, after a difficult period in my life I didn’t like the view of the future a continuation of THAT particular scenario brought. So I wrote what I wanted instead. I let myself dream and I didn’t take the pen of the sheet until my hand was sore. I was surprised at just what came out. To give energy to THIS future I realised I would first have to Master the Past. There was no solution to my situation other than to let it go. I did. You can do the same.

Then it’s time for a shake up, do something to ring the changes and there’s no better time than a new year and right NOW we are still in the energy of the New Moon so go for it go for it right now bring in the changes that you intend to see in your life in 2014 this year of light, birth and balance.

Either that or just look forward for to a year of carrying on doing the “same ole …” – whatever works for you!

Any way how are you doing – anyone still struggling with putting it out there????

At the beginning of 2012 having been in my rut far too long and being an extremist I knew I needed a really massive shove so I choose to go see the big guy – Tony Robbins: Unleashing the Power Within in May and did a fire walk in London with 6,000 other people – amazing! In June I made a Soul Quest June at my favourite Scottish Retreat, Anam Cara and then went on a yoga holiday in the sun (that’s when I met Handsome Harry but that’s another story… )

The soul quest and the rest of this massive year of change (2012) brought me many answers, new love in ALL the relationships in my life especially with my daughter, my friends and perhaps most importantly with myself!

Now you might not fancy a fire walk, a soul quest or a 2 week yoga holiday however if you’d like something along those lines snatch a preview on the events page and / or make sure you are signed up to receive info of the tours and webinars on www.vickirebecca.com. However it is not necessary to go that far, you can step back and be honest with yourself at any point. I don’ go fasting in the highlands every time I need to think, sometimes I just take Teddy for a long walk… In other words you need to create an opportunity for self-reflection.

There are lots of ways …. here are some ideas:

Settle down….make yourself completely comfortable and let go of any trying in your body…. Allow your physical body to completely relax. Go inside and do whatever it is you do to fully relax. Scan your body, checking for any areas of tension. And if you find any areas of tension simply let it go, give it permission to leave…let it go… that’s right …let it go…let it simply drift away.

Too soft and soapy for you – I know what you mean but to get to the TOP answers from the core of your being you have to let go, be soft, go inside – you can do that believe me but if you prefer to start by saying – fk it all- to get yourself going – do that 😉

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