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When you are ready to embrace change from the inside out

Every tour or retreat offers its own comprehensive programme while still allowing you to fully embrace and enjoy the places visited.

Within and the safe and nurturing environment of experienced tour leaders and like minded souls, the place, the lesson, stories and anecdotes will bring what you most need and you will easily realise the small shifts that can change your world.

Group lessons are profound but not confronting, have enough structure for guidance while leaving you plenty of time to see the sites on tours, and integrate, absorb the place, read your novel, laze in the sun and browse the shops on retreats. The one to one option is there if you need extra support.

To get the full itinerary on our latest retreat PLUS the Self-Mastery Module absolutely free opt in on the form opposite ~

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  1. Susan Robertson says:

    I loved my Retreat to Cyprus with Vicki in 2016 and two previous courses of ‘The Me I want to Be’. Vicki had a very difficult time after breaking her arm but she continued to deliver her professional guidance and meditation and arranged daily Yoga classes for us with a wonderful teacher. We had professional self improvement tasks with aid of her book ‘The Me I want to Be’. This was a quiet reflective time and not too onerous. Genuine Vicki loves to live to care for others: to teach those of us struggling to make sense of our muddled up lives; to heal our past hurts and move on. The lessons effect are ongoing and Vicki freely gives us encouragement. I am so happy my friend recommended you. Thank you so much Vicki X♡X.

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