Live your life, listen to your heart, listen to your body, do as you’re inspired to and you will receive everything you need as these huge changes in our world take place

I was so struck yesterday while out chatting with folks about the referendum for independence, a momentous event in Scottish history, that for a short while I too gave into the fear that many seemed consumed by. My heart sank when I saw their pain – “I might lose my job, my house, my friends, who can we trust” – TRUST YOURSELVES I thought. We need to let go of controlling life of trying to make things happen. We need to let the divine timing of everything be felt, to be guided by our own rhythms and choices, and as we open to new possibilities, as we allow life more we find our experiences open up. There is nothing surer or more certain than change, there will be change here in Scotland whichever way the vote goes of that there is no doubt. In many ways this may not have been a time of our choosing but it is time of divine choosing.

Life beyond everything we’ve ever known is showing up regularly right now, and it’s amazing – instant karma – thank you John Lennon! As we learn to live in this “uncertainty” we are opened to further remembering WHO we are, we are the creators of our destiny, and we can use this current energy to re-design our lives – and I mean the collective. This path is no longer for the gurus amongst us it is for all of us. And perhaps, at least initially, more so the women amongst.

Do you know that today women are 80% of the consumer power, of the parents amongst us 70% are single parents and we are well over 50% of the work force. We also carry most of the stress. Back in the day (post world war 2) when we brought up the kids and maybe had a wee job for “pin money” we were happier and the men folks were more stressed. The reverse is now true. Overwhelm and anxiety issues show up all the time in my private practice, in both sexes but in men it seems to be restricted in the wok arena whereas in women it can involve everything. Anyway it is perhaps ironic now that I am suggesting that we also carry the biggest responsibility for birthing this shift but I believe we do and this is one of the reasons that I am offering one women only gathering a month. Not for man bashing – that group meets at the pub on a Friday 😉 This is because we need to share in safe sisterhood we need to work on our sisterhood, like men do in men only gatherings. I believe it is instinctive within us to gather as a collective and of course the energy will be exponential. So come on let the divine feminine come through, stand in your peace, in your creative power and let the truth come through you.

Enjoy a wonderful autumn and let’s talk again nearer the equinox.



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