‘Tis the Season to be Stressful Tra La La La La …

Christmas is one HUGE stressor,

“The Sun” newspaper once claimed it was more stressful than going through divorce!

What stresses us out is everything from cost, repetitive festive jingles and pressure, through to the loneliness and feelings of inadequacy when everyone else’s Christmas seems to be so “perfect”. More than at any other time our Christmas experiences are put under the microscope and compared to the ad man’s ideal, we tend to feel frustrated and a bit bah-humbug!

How would you like to have the Christmas of YOUR dreams, as opposed to everyone else’s?

For 30 seconds I want you to forget everything and everyone apart from you, forget the pressure, the expectations and most of all the putrefying, perfectionism, drop your consciousness into your heart centre, and tell me~

How Do You really Want to Spend Christmas?

I want to know: what you want to do, or indeed how you want to BE, instead of what you THINK you have to do and be. I already know what you don’t want.What would you do if you felt none of the stresses and obligations. What would you choose instead? Simply relax / do nothing, kick about all day in the PJs; or perhaps to have the energy to actually play with the kids; or climb a hill with a flask of soup; is it your desire to lay under a tropical sun or would you be every bit as happy playing your favourite music while clearing out the wardrobe or the shed….

Would you enjoy doing all the things that you are normally too busy to get to: walks that have no time limit; leafing through the book shelf; photo albums and old trinkets… Not exciting enough for you? Is it maybe all about what happens after Santa comes down the chimney all red and flushed. Listen you can make this as hot as you like, get the imagination going and tell me… what is it you really want???

How does your ideal Christmas look and feel…


Make it into a huge picture right now, give it glorious technicolour and Dobby surround sound – see what you would see, hear what you would hear, feel all the feelings, this is your choice…

Now, let yourself step right into that picture…. Feel how good that feels, making choices just for you, doing exactly what you want to do just for fun, just for relaxation.

Got it?

Open Your Eyes!

Whatever your dream is – make it come true, create it – I send you all the very best of wishes and thank you for your support over the last year and look forward to seeing you next year!

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