The Me I Want To Be Retreat: FAQs

Are the flights included?

No. People join us from all over so it is impossible to include flights in the price. Booking your own gives you the flexibility to arrive before or stay on after the retreat.

Who will I travel with?

Who you travel with depends on your airport. If you wish I will connect you via Facebook or by email to discuss travel, transfers and possibly sharing a room with others in the group.

What about sharing a room?

I will do my very best to facilitate sharing but if there is no-one suitable or if you prefer your own space the hotel will charge a single supplement.

What about transfers?

I always ask the hotel to arrange arrange transfers at a reasonable rate but it usually works out cheaper arranging your own online or with others from the group. I’ll let you know the options once your flights are booked up.


You absolutely must get your own insurance as you would in booking any holiday. We are  not responsible for any of the many things that can go wrong in a typical holiday, we are focused on giving you an amazing experience once you are here – the rest is up to you!

What kind of people will be on the retreat?

Amazing – of course! A mixture of individuals with a common desire for personal development and a nurturing break in the sun without going into total isolation or the other extreme of booze and beach babes. I like to think I have created the right mix of relaxation and socialising.

People like you, check it out, here’s us in my beloved, Datca, in 2015 with our amazing retreat family –

What about the hotel?

I always choose hotels that have been recommended and I have visited myself. I look for somewhere that is quiet enough for us to be getting on with the work peacefully and close enough that we can visit locally without too much drama. Exactly how that looks varies from year to year and will be described in full in the particular itinerary.

What about yoga?

Yoga, yes I get a lot of questions about the level of experience required. In a word, none. Yoga on the me I want to be retreats is an opportunity to tune into your body mind and open to inner peace. There is no other set agenda. The teacher will be experienced and 100% play to the group, the groups are small enough to include your individual needs. The feedback on yoga, especially from those from which it has been a new experience, is phenomenal.

What do others say about it?

See for yourself, here is us in Cyprus, which we visited in both 2016 & 2017 –


This year’s itinerary is here!

Anything else please get in touch –


  1. Andrew Taylor says:

    The beach at the Natura Hotel stretch as far as the eye could see before merging into the distance. On Day 1, I decided that the sea was where I needed to be and off I trundled down to the somewhat pebbly beach, only to be greeted by a number of strange looking metal frames. Following my swim in the warm Mediterranean and as I emerged from the sea I noticed that a couple of them had labels fixed to them indicating that they were Turtle nests, how interesting. Later that day I spoke to one of the helpful receptionists, Helena I think, who told me that earlier in the season, the large turtles would venture up onto the beach to lay their cluster of eggs, a pilgrimage that they repeated on an annual basis, like wild salmon on the River Dee. Helena then went on to say that some of the eggs were due to hatch, however this could only be seen in the dark and quiet hours of the early morning, so this particular experience was one that eluded me… this year”

  2. O let’s hope we get to see that next year Andrew – thanks for sharing 🙂

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