THE ME I WANT TO BE RETREAT 22nd – 29th September 2016

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The Benefits of the Rejuvenating Detox:

      • Detoxified, thus energised body
      • Losing excess weight
      • Losing excess toxins and mucus
      • Healing and prevention of upper-respiratory system illnesses and colds
      • Resting and cleansing the digestive systems
      • Cleansing the skin and having shiny hair
      • A strengthened immune system
      • Improved sleep quality
      • Release of stress
      • Seeing things in a new perspective
      • Release of old patterns and outdated emotions
      • Release of alcohol, drug, caffeine and sugar addictions
      • Release of mental addictions
      • Increased concentration, focus and decisiveness
      • Balanced emotional body
      • Harmony of body, mind and soul
      • Default set to a positive point of view and acquisition of all skills and tools to keep it that way!



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The Rejuvenating Detox Retreat will help you with– 

      • Food intolerances like gluten, dairy, nuts etc; low metabolism, excess weight
      • Immune system and digestion/hormonal problems like IBS, Crohn’s disease, celiac, liver deficiency, hashimoto or polycystic ovary syndrome etc.
      • Nervous system disorders like migraine, MS, fibromyalgia, fatigue, depression
      • Managing other problems caused by the ever increasing toxic environment in which we live.
      • Letting go of old patterns, behaviours, dis-eases and resetting the hard drive to a happier and healthier you!


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What to expect-

      • Our FULL support as we guide you perfectly throughout the week using the skills and experience we have refined over many years of professional life.
      • All the special drinks, food and meditative work to prepare you body and soul to let go what is no longer serving you.
      • Slimming and detoxifying breathing and yoga sessions to move the toxins more efficiently through the blood circulation and lymphatic system.
      • Group work, meditation and deeper subconscious work to aid both mental and emotional detox, motivation and commitment while the physical cleansing takes place.
      • Some symtoms. On the second day of the detox it is possible that you might experience some headache and light-headedness due to caffeine withdrawal, this is perfectly normal. To be kind to yourself we highly recommend stopping caffeine 2-3 days (or more!) before your arrival, let go of the toxins gradually at home, in your own environment and allow your body to start cleansing and healing on your first day on the program and thus go even deeper. We will send you a pre-retreat document on booking. However you will not experience any deficiency at all as the specially chosen drinks and juices contain all the minerals and vitamins that the body needs. In fact the body uses the energy that normally goes into digestion for healing and rejuvenating itself. One of the biggest reward for the participant is to gaining the skills of observvation and self-awareness.
      • On the 4th and 5th days some dizziness and lack of energy may manifest due to the toxin removal and this also is normal. You need to drink more alkaline water every time you feel these sensations.


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