The Holistic Model – Letting Go Of Trauma From The Past

I would like to share something that I suppose comprises about 60% of my work – helping folks release traumas from the past. This is part of hypnosis that I think intrigues most people and they wonder how and why it works. So I have done my best to write it out below and in the video. Just get in touch if there are any questions.

Is the past still controlling you?

 If so it will show itself in one of several ways-

  • Physical symptoms that don’t quite make sense
  • A scenario or a series of scenarios stuck in your head
  • Anger that is way out of context for the situation at hand.
  • Bursting into tears for apparently nothing
  • You find yourself repeating the same old negative patterns again and again.
  • Putting up with crap when you KNOW you deserve better

Is the past still controlling you?

Let me help you release traumas from the past and set yourself free to live your life to the full.


Sound familiar?

Read on as the chances are you are carrying around excess baggage (unconscious conflicts) from the past.

There are many ways of releasing unconscious conflicts, some helpful, some less so. You have a choice in how to deal with your feelings of frustration, hurt, anger, disappointment, and grief. Let’s say you experience stress over a work-related situation. You could go home and vent on your other half, the kids or the cat; drown your sorrows in a chilled glass of crisp white wine; swallow it down with a large tub of ice cream or trance out in front of the telly – maybe all of the above! Alternatively, you can find release by working out your problems. Working things out will help physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and be much kinder to all concerned, especially you. Using self-knowledge, be honest and get down to the nitty-gritty, then use the power of catharsis to let it go.

You are the master of your emotions, not the other way around. You also need to let go of built-up emotional charges from the past.

Holistic Model: Symptom

Let me explain. Think of the mind as a cup that fills up with stress and the ordinary things that hurt us all. The dregs at the bottom is the stuff from the past, and your everyday stuff tops it up. When the cup becomes full, the feelings begin to overflow in unhelpful ways, or perhaps you experience the onset of a symptom. A symptom is simply the subconscious mind letting you know something needs attention. The subconscious mind doesn’t talk to you in your head in quite the same way as the internal nag or the superhero self (negative and positive egos); rather, it talks to you in subtle ways: through the language of the body, through the language of dreams and of the universe (messages from the gods).

One way or another you will be sent the same message over and over again until it dawns on you – I need to hear this! If you continue to ignore the messages, the symptom will only get worse. This is most often the stage clients have reached when they walk through a therapist’s door. They’ve become absolutely overwhelmed by the feelings and/or the physical manifestation of those feelings.


Let me clarify exactly what I mean by feelings. You could say that emotions are objective, the physical response to something that occurs in your world. Emotions can be measured in physical responses – body language, blood flow, brain activity. Feelings on the other hand are subjective; feelings are the meanings we give to emotions, and how we interpret them. We are not taught much about either one.

We are sent to school to learn how to use our brains, to after school clubs for hobbies and to social events, dancing and so on, to learn to mix with others. However, as far as feelings go, the little we do learn tends to be governed by stereotypical statements such as “boys don’t cry” or “girls don’t get angry.” We simply don’t get lessons in dealing with anger, hurt, frustration, jealousy, and the loneliness of not quite connecting with others. Yet there is no question: feelings can be uncomfortable, not only our feelings, but those of others too. So we learn to push our feelings down, to bottle them up. The trouble is, this can cost us dearly. It takes a lot of energy to keep those feelings down, energy we could use to simply get on with and enjoy life. It’s not healthy to keep our feelings locked up, but each time a phrase like “Don’t be angry!” or “Get on with it” is used, the way we feel is invalidated and a little part of us begins to doubt ourselves. We begin to think that we must be wrong and those other voices must be right. We still feel what we feel; it just gets easier to store it away somewhere inside. The long-term effects of having our feelings denied is not trusting our feelings, and, eventually, not feeling at all.

Yet despite that, and in a very real sense, those feelings are still with you. Like will always attract like, so if, for example, as a child you went through the same type of upset over and over again, you may still be creating the same situation in your present. These things can be cumulative, and when there is enough of the same type of reactions, an unhealthy pattern is established and disease or illness can result; your wonderful body ends up processing the emotions you are not processing yourself.

So how do you release hurts of the past?

Please watch the video below-

Have a listen to this 10 minute video where I explain the holistic model of the mind.

The process I use to help clients release emotional baggage from the past and also to release type of trauma that post traumatic stress disorder is known as mnemodynamic psychotherapy which is the brainchild of my partner in the Rebecca Washington school that hypnosis and my mentor, Sue Washington. If you would like to book a session go to the bookings tab above and on the individual face to face menu, either book your first session of 2 hours or get them at a discounted rate choose block booking for Mnemodynamic Psychotherapy
Interested in learning how to be a hypnotherapist?

Yes, I am ready to realease the traumas of the past!

Refuse to let the past control you.

Step into your future right now!

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