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Here’s what others are saying about how Vicki has helped.

“My daily allergy went, as did my weight, look at me now! Yipee”Bernie (below)


“Neither of us have touched a cigarette since our session with you, even though there have been some pretty trying times! Early days I know, but so far all is going well and it feels so very good not to be a slave to the weed at long last”

Lisa and Brian B, Inverurie

?I had my talk on Tuesday and it went very well. My teacher couldn?t believe I ever had a problem. He thought I was a very confident speaker and it gave me no bother, even though I had potential for lecturing! NO CHANCE! Although I do feel a lot more comfortable than before and it?s all thanks to you! Will be sure to recommend you to others?.

H – Student, Public Speaking

?Hi Vicki, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much of an impact our session has had on me! on thursday morning (the morning after our session) i felt really nauseous! i took this as an absolute positive and could only imagine it was due to the fact i still had ‘beige food’ in my system (remember the large slab of chocolate cake i had before i came to see you?) – the nausea continued until i had visited the loo several times (ahem!) and then i felt great! suffice to say not a drop of the offending beige stuff has been near my lips – and this, considering there is a galaxy in my fridge, is impressive for me! i’m delighted and feeling much more positive. i’m very much looking forward to our next few sessions and to really getting my stuff sorted!?.

Jennie, Chocolate and Weight

?Dear Vicki, I’ve been thinking of our conversation together over the last few days and wanted to let you know how helpful I found it. You put a number of issues into a perspective that I hadn’t appreciated before. Most particularly about pace – rushing events that would more properly be enjoyed over a longer, slower period. …. Again, I do appreciate what you have had to say to me and the way you helped me to turn emotional matters arround and look at them from another angle.?.


?Hiya Vicki, I hope you and your families christmas and new year went well. I coped great with the kids on my own over the holidays. Tiring, but did ok…… Your help has been amazing. We’re doing good, sticking to the boundaries. Take care?.

Sarah and Cameron

?I want to thank you very much for the part you played in helping me to achieve a successful outcome to my course. You gave me one of your meditation tapes and it did just what I needed at the time I needed it. I had the final exam at the weekend and I passed it and was told then that I had also passed the written papers I had sat the previous month. A wonderful end to what has been quite a tough year’s course?.

M March, Exam Nerves

Many thanks indeed for seeing J + for your patience throughout her time with you…it was her first day of exams today (3 exams in one day!) and rather than moan about how she was going to do badly etc etc she revised last night and went off to school with a hop & a skip – literally! Her own comments about being with you were extremely positive + she was asking whether she would be able to see you again sometime. Funny thing is Vicki, I reckon I got almost as much out of being an observer the other day as J did being the ‘patient’.

J’s Mum, Exam Nerves

“Thank you so very much for helping Charlotte on Friday, what a difference in her coping with spiders”

Charlotte’s Mum, Arachnaphobia

?Thank you for helping me. I have been dry for 18 nights, I am trying for 28. I have only had 8 wet nights since I saw you 8 weeks ago (3 in the first week). Thank you.?

Michael (age eight) ? who continued to improve and stay dry.

“Good afternoon – I hope you are well. I feel great at the moment and have done for the past couple of weeks – a large part of this I believe is down to you and the meditation tapes I’ve been listening to, so huge thanks to you from me ! It has been a great help to me at a very difficult time indeed, you are streets ahead of the Albyn hospital. Thank-you very much for all your help again, it was great!”

J, Stress Management

“Vicki, … super session yesterday. I can?t explain it but I feel so much more calmer, it?s like I am someone else. My highest compliment would be your worth your weight in onion parings so there you go. I look forward to my further transformation next week”

Alex W, Aberdeen, Anger Management

“Vicki, I would like to tell you how much you helped me, from the first phone call I could sense you were a caring person and someone I could relate to. As you are now aware I am a private person and find it difficult to share my feelings, after our first meeting I realised I could trust you implicitly and felt at ease telling you how I felt. since then I began to look forward to our meetings and usually went home tired but in my heart knew that one day I was going to feel better than I had done for years. That happened and was able to do things I had not dreamt possible. I have recently returned from five weeks at the other side of the world, I achieved that only because of the help I received from you and the caring support of my husband and close friends. I now feel better than I have done for years and I cannot thank you enough for what you did to help me through what was the most awful part of my life. my husband and friends see me as a changed person with a different attitude to life since my meetings with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Anon, Depression

??. thank, you for all your kindness you gave me when, I had my deep times, with the Chemo… I’ve got all the strength I need. What you have given me is kindness and understanding when I needed it most and I?ve been able to tell you things that I wouldn?t tell anyone else. You reminded me how lucky and happy I really am in life. Whatever problems I may have, will all work out.

Ken, facing Terminal Illness

“Vicki… listened to your CD, it?s wonderful and right now, it has given me hope”. V I took half an hour to myself this am, and listened to your CD, its wonderful and right now, it has given me hope?.. you have made such a difference to my life, I just can’t thank you enough…

Anon, Family break up

?I’m now a happily married lady. It’s all thanks to you remember. You were the one who taught me that I had to start living for me. Thank you?.

Fiona, Relationship problems

?? It has taken a long time to realize that my disorder is not in control of me but I am the one who makes the choices as an adult and not as a vulnerable, emotional child.

I am entering the 10K this year to fulfil a dream I?ve always had. Before it would have been to stop my eating disorder now it is to see myself at the starting line of the run with everything behind me and hopefully to finish! Using food to fuel my body not to eat away my feelings, knowing that my angel is with me every step of the way. The only way I can describe the way I feel inside is a solid column of light and energy with no cracks that leak away losing energy. If here is a leak at any time it s quickly healed and the balance is restored .Thanks again Vicki for your help in making me believe in myself and showing me a new way in this world. I certainly wouldn?t be at such great place in my life without your help?.

Tanya (Age 25), Bulimia

??.the midwives all commented on how calm she (the baby) was during the labour, especially considering the length of it. ?.because I was so calm and had no pain killers. I have to admit I had a great support team but am still proud of myself?.I am still using the hypnosis to help myself sleep but also just to relax when she is up all night?Thank you for all your help. I am sure it would have been a lot harder to endure without it?.

R March, Pain Management, Childbirth

?Just wanted to say thank you I have had 99.9% no pain today?

Trish, Frozen Shoulder

“All the best sis. Good to have known you and had you at the helm with me or a while. Really appreciate everything”.

Billy – professional oil executive.

“Thank you very much for all your help and for making me feel at ease”.

Fiona S

?I HAVE noticed a difference with the hypnosis CD it is wonderful and I look forward to it every day…?.


“?you have made such a difference to my life, I just can’t thank you enough,”

?Will be sure to recommend you to others?.


“I really feel like I have had a shift in thought process”. M

“?all the skills you taught me re meditation / relaxation etc. were invaluable” E

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