Temple Of The Heart: Looking Within MP3

When you feel you have learned to simply allow yourself to relax you are ready to hear the messages of your own inner wisdom.

So, the third gift I have for you is a short meditation to help you do just that – Temple of The Heart: Looking Within

I’ve recorded it especially for you, so all you have to do is turn off the phone, tune in and press play!

Learning to relax and listen to our hearts desire is the foundation to take the next step – working out your intention. THE ME I WANT TO BE programmes all begin with intention setting. Intention is how you let the universe know what to attract into your life, think about yours

The rest of the first chapter consists of group or individual work in building up Self_Esteem and getting your needs met…. And a whole host of other interventions depending on the individual or group in front of me – as I said the map is not the territory!!!

Click on the picture below to download this unique MP3 file.

I hope you enjoyed the recording the rest of the MP3s are available here.

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