WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND - JUNE 21: Revellers watch sunrise over Stonehenge during celebrations to mark the summer solstice at the prehistoric monument on June 21, 2014 in Wiltshire, England. An estimated 37,000 revellers and modern day druids gathered at Stonehenge, a tradition dating back thousands of years, to celebrate the solstice and watch the sunrise. (Photo by Rufus Cox/Getty Images)


Women Gathering

Women Gathering

The year turns fast and I’m sure, like me, you find it difficult at times to keep connection, I mean connection in the deepest sense. Connection with yourself, with nature and with kindred spirits. yet these things are what keeps us on track.

I’ve already shared that I have written my first book and taken time out to complete it. Well I seems the “after book” takes longer than the writing did. Once that particular penny dropped and I settled into the post writing phase I realised I needed to re-establish connection. So I set up a monthly meeting for women to connect, talk, meditate and relax. The theme is different each time, the next one, on the 29th is Women Gathering: The Long Summer Sleep The event will always be posted on Facebook so make sure you have liked and get updates from my fan page then you can join us when you fancy.

Women Gathering ticks quite a few boxes for me. The connection  keeps me on track, it offers me precious feedback on my work and fulfils my mission to provide relaxation and personal growth that everyone can afford. I am seeing it may also be a way forward to reaching a larger audience, which has pretty much been my goal since the days of my free advice column when I realised how many people out there just needed to know… Now with social media that is not only possible but easy and has for the moment morphed itself into PAY IT FORWARD SUMMER once again on my my fan page where I’ll be using that philosophy to share gems and give free online help – join in and spread the love.

 Time to be the Real Me Turkish Retreat

Retreat to Turkey

Turkey May-June 2013 (30)

Gulet in a Datca bay

However – and forgive me for being totally selfish here – the thing I am most excited about right now (not the book) but at last getting back to Turkey… I have so loved being very grounded and very settled at home this summer – in fact I came back from Turkey at the end of January and have had my head in editing, marketing, publishing ever since…. It was time to prepare but now all the steps are planned and I am ready to take the book on its first live outing if you like and get back to a country I have grown to love over the last 2 years. It will be a very simple retreat compared with the life changing block busters of the Egypt days. My intention is to provide respite and rest, connection with like minded souls without being overly “spiritual”. The retreats are more of the personal rather than the spiritual development. I know exactly where we are going and have visited there 3 times in the last 2 years. It is restful peaceful and beautiful. Great food, sea and sand. We’ll do yoga most days; meditation; relaxation and personal development exercises 6 out of the 7 days and outings as the group sees fit. I a looking for women who are ready to embrace change from the inside out and show the world who they truly aspire to be!!!!

Datca is a beautiful peninsula off the beaten track but close enough for a night on the town if that’s what you fancy. We will gather early mornings and pre-dinner so there is plenty of time to explore hidden coves and the gorgeous coffee shops in the harbour. Details of the event is here – http://vickirebecca-com.stackstaging.com/portfolio-item/turkey-seven-simple-steps-to-being-the-best-you-can-be-supported-by-yoga-september-2014/ please get in touch if you would like to ask any questions.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate both the connection with you AND your feedback – more than anything I would love to hear your pay it forward stories???? Plut them in the comment box below or on Facebook

And finally have a wonderful Solstice (more info below). It is a time of fullness of life, blessings and celebration of the joy, warmth and laughter of summer. The beginning of summer represents a time for purification, renewal of the self, a time to release the sadness, fears and pains from your life; a time for purification and renewed energy. So many of us detox and get ready for the summer wardrobe at this time. It’s a natural cycle, no-one tells us to do it, we just feel like it. Myself and a good friend absolutely blitz my wardrobe last night, felt marvelous and I found myself in a wee frock this afternoon instead of the usual Sunday jeans. have fun with it.

Love, Light and a Thousand Blessings



B1495Solstices and equinoxes are also cardinal points of the solar year, marking special alignments of Sun, Earth and Moon as the Sun makes his annual journey through the zodiac. On the Solstices, we have the longest and shortest days of the year; at equinoxes, day and night are of equal length.

These, along with the cross-quarter Sabbats, are highly charged energetic portals when the veils between worlds thin and our intent radiates throughout the galaxy. So give it large, offer your wildest dreams up to the quantum soup.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re approaching Midsummer, the apex of the Solar Year. In the pagan calendar, Litha is a time to pause and celebrate between the agricultural seasons of planting and harvesting. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Return of Light, the promise of new life during the longest night of the year.

While the Equinoxes are a point of balance, the Solstices are a point of extremes – enjoy it!

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