Using Hypnosis to Manage Stress

Leaving stress un-managed can affect your well being, health, work performance and the quality of your life – Perhaps because it is so commonplace we underestimate the damage it does.

So learning effective techniques to alleviate and prevent these potentially debilitating symptoms is a big part of therapy,the unexpected bonus being you’ll open a door to yourself that you didn’t even realize existed and feel great!

Every week clients tell me that they feel like a new person after therapy so it seems that once the stress is removed whether that is from a situation or a state of mind, your natural resources will come flooding back and once more you can find your own solutions.

As a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I specialise in helping people just like you to overcome stress and other challenges:

How Can I Help

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Your session will be specific to your situation, beginning by looking at the big picture. Something that has built up over a number of years can take a bit of unpicking while other things are straight forward and surprisingly simple to deal with. It will become clear as you and I talk it through.
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A neutral outsider can gently point to the stressful and unhelpful ways you have developed of relating to each other and towards the type of communications (and let’s face it communication, verbal or otherwise, is everything in a relationship)  that will make your relationship/s soar!
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Groups (large or small) can learn effective techniques to prevent or alleviate the potentially debilitating symptoms of stress, including individual therapy where needed.

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For training specifically designed for your situation please get in touch for Hypnotherapy Aberdeen’s Training

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  • “because of your help I feel and act like a better person”
  • “Your help has been amazing!”
  • “…..stress levels are down….”
  • “….after the session with you the “Merry Go Round” is stopped in the morning when I get on it and it slows down at night to let me off”
  • “you have made the most enormous difference to my life”


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