If you are reading this, I know you want more. You are hungry. Hungry to feel different, to feel unstoppable, to feel more fulfilled, to feel more passion.

Questions determine your focus.
Your focus determines your thoughts and your behaviour.
Change your questions and you will change your life!

One of my favourite quotes from Tony Robbins is:

All Human Progress is Preceded by a New Question

As we approach this time of planting intentions, be more aware of the questions you ask yourself.
Make a conscious choice to ask yourself a question that will move you forward.
For example: instead of asking “Why isn’t this working”, ask yourself: “What do I need to do to make this work”? “What can I do to share the love”?
The Universe will provide answers to the questions it receives!

Allow the Universe to be your magic genie!

Play full out!

Hope to see you soon, here’s what’s coming up –

Inner Child ~ The Sub Conscious Mind!
Holistic Ways Fair, Aberdeen, Saturday 24th March 2018

The Me I Want To Be ~ Mastering the Mind!
14:30 – 16:30 The Pilates Hut, Banchory, Sunday 25th March 2018

3 Simple Steps to exuding Scintillating, Sexy, Self-Esteem
13:30 – 17:30 in Aboyne on Sunday 8th of April 2018.

Self-hypnosis: key to unlocking your treasure chest of hidden potential
13:30 – 17:30 in Aboyne on Sunday 15th of May 2018

The Me I Want To Be Retreat, Portugal ~ 7 chilled out nights and 8 relaxing days
Simple Shifts to Authentic Wellbeing 1st-8th September 2018
Early Bird available until the end of the month!

Approaching the Spring Equinox, this time of balance, a balance inevident in the world right now with storms brewing all around, I felt my only option was to ignore the chaos, as if I had to walk through a hail storm to get to the haven of peace on the other side. I would walk through that storm with my spiritual sword of truth and clarity dep within no matter how befuddle the world (an that includes me of course) seems on the outside. The balance and peace is inside and from that place I asked myself ~

  • What is important to you in life?
  • Who are you – really?
  • What do you put your effort, time, energy and money into?
  • What can I do to share the love that I am inside?

Inbox me with your answers and I’ll share mine back.


I have decided to tackle the “expectancy of perfection” in the world with love and kindness 😊 Inbox me for some vouchers and feel free to pass them on, in appreciation for being there, for not always expecting me to be perfect, maybe even for loving me more when I am not – YES – thanks!

Happy Equinox xxxx

Portugal in September?

Need some rest, relaxation, bit of yoga and more of what is good for the soul?
THE ME I WANT TO BE RETREAT is visiting Portugal this year for the first time, fancy joining us? BOOK RIGHT HERE!


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