Spring Equinox has always been a special time for me and many of them have been spent at the sacred site of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. This year I will celebrate in private so allow me to share the ritual and guided journey I presented last year as well as a little background.

briannextsdoorducksmmer013.jpegEquinox is the time of year when lightness and darkness are in equilibrium. Equinox means “equal night,” and anywhere on the Earth, given a level horizon, the Sun rises due East, and sets due West. Equal day and night. Then the balance tips and light dominates the days. As the days become brighter and warmer, new life emerges, birds sing and we all wake from the gloomy spell of winter – spring is here!

With this movement and re-awakening from hibernation we naturally want to stretch, to reach out, to sense what we want for ourselves from the abundance of the coming year. This feeling is a joy to establish in our lives, the feeling of the new energy within nature and the world. Every one of us has felt this since childhood directly or through the natural world around us, we will each have our own memories of it. Equinox is a time to consciously re-connect with it, to meditate in search for a sense of renewal and direction, to heal the heart and soul after the darkness of short days, to allow ourselves to blossom and grow stronger for the forthcoming year. Take this time to spring clean the mind, get rid of winter- blues and unwanted past influences, to concentrate on new plans. As those seeds planted when the autumn leaves turned and lay dormant through winter are now visible above the surface of the Earth so the ideas we’ve been nurturing over the winter become manifest to others. Celebrate them in this new phase of life.

Spring Equinox Ritual: Blessing and Planting Seeds
The word equinox means “equal night.” Twice a year, at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes the hours of light and dark are in balance. To our ancestors the equinoxes represented the time when seeds were planted and harvested. So that’s what we can do we will plant seeds (sunflowers are always good) representing the seeds of our intentions.
Choose a seed that has meaning to you…
perhaps a seed which represents the things you want to grow during the New Season: wisdom, understanding, patience….. Visualize those qualities coming into full bloom in your life as you plant your seeds…. How would you look, feel, sound, be with those qualities… How would you be if you truly loved yourself ….

Now bless the seeds: The dark half of the year is passing so as the day’s grow light and the Earth grows warm summon the spirit of your seed.
Your seed which has slept in darkness for some months now, ask it to awaken now, to stir and to swell…
Soon you will be planted in the earth to grow and bring froth new fruit.
Blessed be!

Ask for everything that is necessary for the plants’ growth….
Hold the seed in your hand and breathe on it, infusing it with your hopes.
Breathe on it, the breath of life, air, air that represents spirit, intellect and true wisdom
Place it in your pot, and as you pat down the earth, the earth which represents our mother, Guya, the earth that will give the seed all the nutrients it needs, visualise those things you intend to manifest during the coming summer
Pour water on it, water to quench its thirst, water that represents the emotions that make us human…
Now hold the pot over a candle (or up to the sun) to represent the element fire, fire for the passion that makes us do what we do, the fire that drives us forward in life…
Now visualise your plant in full bloom…..
Visualise yourself as you intend to be….
Now visualise tending your plant through the summer, just as you’ll tend your intentions….
In a couple of days, check to see if anything has come up. If the soil is dry, water it. Soon your seed will sprout. After the danger of frost is past, you can plant it in your garden. If for some reason your rune fails to sprout, you may want to rethink your goals and try a different seed.
Planting and tending seeds and intentions is using sympathetic magic to strengthen their effort (and establishing better contacts with their natural surroundings as a side benefit).
Friedrich Nietze: “Even a thought, even a possibility, can shatter us and transform us.”

Guided Journey for the Spring Equinox
OPEN CIRCLE Settle right down…let go of any trying in your body….breathe in through the top of your head and out through the soles of your feet…reconnecting with all that is…….leave behind any negativity …leave behind any expectations… of yourself …of anybody else…or indeed the meditation … just know that it is for YOU… just for YOU …
See yourself filled with light and watch as that light becomes a cone or a pyramid of energy above below and all around you….
With that light and the Archangels of the four directions around us…Father Sky above you and Mother Earth below you and the Source of all Creation all around and all through you, you are enclosed in protected sacred space… pause… Know you are safe. Know you are protected. Open to the love and the blessings that surround you…

Begin with breath awareness meditation… Simply observe your inhalations and your exhalations… Remain aware of your breathing without trying to alter it in any way… It may vary in speed, rhythm and depth, it may even stop… Without resisting, calmly observe. Relinquish any expectations… treat them as any other thought…
Continue with breath awareness or use some other technique…remember this is YOUR practice….

Peace – Let yourself know the beauty of being completely at peace in this very moment. Calm your thoughts, quiet your mind, and breathe in the serenity that is now.

All is well and all is as it should be. Relax, and know the peaceful stillness as it fills you to the core. In the quiet serenity of now, there is no need to prove anything. Worry and strife are nothing more than distant illusions.
With every slow and peaceful breath you take, something becomes abundantly clear. You know without a doubt that there is a real and valuable goodness that comes with every moment, every circumstance, and every experience.
In this moment, be at peace. Experience its calm, confident, positive power. Let yourself be at peace.
Continue to breathe in peace, allow the body to relax even further and the mind to remain focused as we continue with this meditation to celebrate the Spring Equinox. On this magical gateway:
Imagine the possibility of perfect health, for you, your family, your community and the Earth….
Imagine the possibility of enlightenment….
Imagine the possibility of peace….

Spring Equinox symbolises the time to sow the seeds for the future we are manifesting, plant your seeds now to create the future you have just imagined…. nurture those seeds by doing things today that will allow you to reap a good harvest tomorrow and all your tomorrows…

Now using this special energy of the Equinox to move forward on your journey set your personal intentions for healing now…. pause…

And together let us assist that HUGE WAVE OF POSITIVE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to instil Balance, Peace and Harmony into and in between the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms and all that is… Thank you.
We may need lots of rest and quiet times to allow this transformation…but these moments of stillness help us along…So let’s enjoy a few moments of that stillness NOW … pause…

CLOSE CIRCLE Come back to awareness of the breath Let’s dedicate the good that comes from this meditation for healing and the highest good of Mother Earth, of ourselves and all who come in contact with us and to the wave of positive mass consciousness surrounding the earth..

Now reaffirm your grounding and protection…tuck in energetically and as you gently come back let me offer some guidance…To make the most of the transition we are going though be gentle with yourselves, meditate often sleep and rest when needed; take time in nature to cleanse…hydrate the body thoroughly every day….watch the stars. Enjoy your own individual ceremony to honour these important passages as the Sun, Moon and Earth align, perhaps at a sacred site. Take the time to observe these moments of grace as an expansion of the Divine in your life. Journal your dreams and meditations, make a clear intention about how you choose to be, grow and transform during this period. Intention work is especially powerful during these periods, and in combination with ceremony and ritual, create quantum shifts.

Blessed be…

PS: – We grow by recommendation – please tell others, pass this on to anyone who you think it may be of interest

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