Intentions 2014: sometimes we don’t even know what we want in life….

All we know is it needs to be different to how it is right now.

The beginning of change always starts with knowledge, and sometimes just knowing that you don’t want things to stay as they are is enough.

If you don’t have a clue what you even want, my guess, as the self-appointed Guru of Gorgeousness, is that either your self-esteem needs a massive overhaul for the year ahead or there are situations in your life that really do need changing. Either way without self-knowledge you may well find yourself on a not so merry go round of iffing, butting and anal-ising. Don’t bother just start to take some time out to relax and soon you will know how to get to your hearts truth.


Let me help you:

To get to another level of self knowledge-

“We need to relax just enough to hear the messages sent to us from the self in the centre of our being as opposed to the ranting, frazzled self that deafens many of us to our soul’s truth and our soul’s truth is what will empower us through the struggles life inevitably brings”.

If you haven’t your own special way try this:

“Shavassana is one of the most popular and beneficial position to relax in and is intended to rejuvenate body mind and spirit. It goes something like this:

Before you begin, ensure you’ll be warm and comfortable for the duration of the practice, and that there won’t be any distractions. Then lie supine or semi supine – either flat on your back or with your knees bent, whichever is most comfortable for you. You may wish to prop up under your knees with pillows or blankets especially for the longer practices. Certainly you’ll want to have a duvet, blanket or some sort of covering depending on the temperature of the room. Just remember that your body temperature will drop during practice and that the main thing is that YOU are comfortable throughout.

Once you have found the best position you relax your whole body onto the mat. I mainly refer to mat due to the yoga origins of this practice but of course at home you may lie on the floor or bed. Your neck needs to be comfortably long so that the middle of the back of your head is on the mat. Your arms and legs are spread at about 45 degrees, eyes and mouth gently closed, jaw released and your facial muscles hanging loose. All the muscles of your body need to be loose. Then just scan all parts of your body for muscular tension of any kind, and consciously release it as you find it. Then bring your awareness to the rising and falling of your abdomen with each breath.

At the end we’ll release the posture by slowly deepening the breath, flexing fingers and toes, stretching the whole body, exhaling, bringing your knees to the chest. Rolling over onto your side in a foetal position, or whatever is your preferred way of finishing your practice. After a few moments and a slow inhalation, perhaps giving the lower back a gentle massage by rolling from side to side with the knees at your chest, slowly come up to a seated position”.

Excerpt from “The Me I Want To Be” written by me for you with love. Please let me know how you got on!

Self-knowledge will help you be specific about what you intend to bring into your life – as I was saying last blog – just be sure it is going to really suit your life. It might simply be a case of putting it out there or you might need to master something, whether body, mind, emotions or the past. It can help to break it down like that then start with an area that seems do-able for you. Your success will drive you forward to the next level. Do something different, get started, as we say in the North East of Scotland what’s the point of planting tattie seeds when you’re looking for neeps (turnip)!

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