I am – yes I am coming out, ready to love again. In fact my soul yearns for that BIG love. I want someone who loves me so much they want to count my bones. I do I do I do!

But how to do it? Having learned my lesson regarding writing lists and covering them in crystal quartz, (as you’ll see when my book comes out – very soon), I thought I better think again. So here’s the plan!!!

I intend to become the woman with whom my ideal mate will fall madly in love, want as deeply and passionately as I want him. With whom sex is a spiritual symphony, conversation a leap into the unknown, silence passes like an hour is a minute, and days doing nothing are trans-dimensional shifts. (I wonder what would happen if I put that as a profile on match.com)

A blessed relationship can be a passport to freedom and deep soul recognition.

Anyway when I said this aloud last week my girlfriend wondered why I would want to change myself to fit in with someone else. I didn’t mean it like that.

Relationships are about communication and growth and I certainly don’t intend going into one while limping in anyway.

We all have traits we are more or less proud of. There are certain things about myself that I would LIKE to resolve before I open my heart to cupids arrow. For instance: “My name is Vicki and I am a workaholic”. I intend sharing my time and my joy with someone I love so much that I cannot wait to read the Sunday morning papers next to them and argue about who makes breakfast. Do I do that with myself – well a little, so maybe I need to give me a little more “love time”. Giving yourself more love time makes you feel more worthy of love, you will be full of love having given yourself love and thus you begin to radiate love. And we all know love attracts love – basics of the law of attraction.

My friend of course certainly had a point. She was talking authenticity. We have to be ourselves. I hear clients all the time complain how their partner falls short but they don’t actually tell them what they want instead. Others spend years sucking it up then feeling crestfallen that their other half didn’t “get it”. You see sucking it up and not stating our needs clearly and concisely, it is actually fibbing, it is not authentic. We’re putting out the wrong vibe, a phony story, and then wondering why we attract something less than perfect back.

So I just thought that not giving myself time was something I would kinda like to figure out for myself. So the authentic me – the me I want to be – gives herself time and gives her relationship time. Whether my many other addictions are something I developed to avoid the world including my most amazing love god as described above- doesn’t really matter. The fact is, it keeps me away from me so its my work in progress. I realise it could also mean I am not choosing well, I’ve seen that happen too.

A client of mine was always attracting Mr Wrong. If potential suitors fancied her enough she would go out with them. Her self-esteem was pretty low and getting the attention felt good, she had not refined her pickers and the relationships always ended in disaster. Together we asked what she wanted from a relationship and listed what qualities / values her ideal partner would have. Mr Right arrived on cue. I don’t think it was so much the chanting of the list while bathing naked under the full moon as the fact that she had become a young woman who knew who she was and what she wanted! Her message to the universe was clear.

If you are loving, cheerful and positive, you will attract that kind of people into your life. When your heart is filled with love, you become a magnet for love.

If you want to exude love – close your eyes and remember the first time you fell in love. Feel it. Truly feel it. How wonderful and blissful does it make you feel? See yourself going through your days and weeks and months feeling just like that. Be the lovable being you intend to attract.

Are you listening universe – I’m here reading that Sunday paper FILLED with LOVE, tingling with joy, feeling soooo good! Taking my time….

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