Sekhem derives from the temples of ancient Egypt.

There is a clarity, purity and gentleness to this energy that is truly amazing. At the same time, it is awe inspiring in the results it brings, for it works instantaneously – body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is you who sets your intentions for the use of this energy and what you ask for is what you get. Sekhem facilitates empowerment, inspiration, creativity, and a joyful thirst for living. More than words can capture, it is something to be experienced.

Sekhem is the most beautiful treatment to receive.

This energy will absolutely cocoon you. After that it will depend on what your intention, healings can range from a deep sense of love and relaxation to the gentle releasing, well of who knows what. I’ve just been listening to Waking the Tiger and Peter Leven’s description of the “felt sense” and how it can manifest as images, thought forms and physiological sensations in the body. We have always worked with this “felt sense” in Sekhem to help clients release in the way the wisdom of their body allows. Please ask any questions in the comment box below.

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How Sekhem is taught

Sekhem is taught in small intimate groups or one to one by private arrangement in Aboyne.

Sekhem is taught in 3 separate levels; 1, 2, and Advanced and then the Master Level can be applied for in writing if you wish to teach. No pre-requisites are necessary to do the first level, save an interest in the energy. For those who are used to working with high energy, the first two levels may be taught together. In all other cases, there is a lapse of some months between the different levels, as there is much knowledge that comes with the use of the energy

Training courses include relevant manuals and initiation and are NOT limited to the training days as individuals we all learn at different rates therefore training includes as much repetition as the student needs. Full details of student support policy given on request.

It is also strongly recommended to come along for some treatments from myself or another practitioner (please ask forrecommendations) to give you firsthand experience of the energy before beginning training.

Remember we grow by recommendation so please pass this on to like minded friends.

My Esoteric Training

It’s not easy to quantify and verbalise the exact route of such study, mine began a long, long time ago (hrmph yes I know – we all did) but in this life I remember writing endless journals sat on the banks of the River Dee in my early teens, doing spirit releasement work, and reciting affirmations. I had always done these things without ever being told. I remember my grandma teaching me the basics of herbs from her garden, the qualities of her soups and other foods, how to dowse for the sex of an unborn child and dream of the face of your husband to be, the younger adults in the family called it her “old wives tales”. My grandma was with us until she was 96 and a great, great grandma. She was my first teacher.

As a teen I was fascinated by the tarot, astrology and astronomy although I have had very little formal training. I was drawn to esoteric groups and all things “alternative” during my 12 years in London and travels round the world in my twenties. Then as with many people, my thirties brought an interest in physical fitness and mental clarity – transcendental meditation, yoga and the beginning of my journey into energy work…. 

I taught Reiki from 1999, first studying it in 1994 with my Mum and then other teachers around Scotland. I first studied Egyptian Sekhem with Simon Treselyan in London in 2000 and completed masters with him along with Cartouche Mastery and initiation to the Order of Melchizedek during a trip to Egypt in 2002. I joined a SKHM workshop with Patrick Zeigler in 2003 and I studied Sekhem Masters in London with Jonathan Cohen 2000-2001. I then decided to train with the Helen Belôt Sekhem Association, I had avoided energy associations until then as I find politics difficult and stultifying (even the playgroup committee when my daughter was young drove me mad). However here was something offering itself as a complete system and I believed that a good basis to teach from. Plus let’s be fair – I wanted it all! So because of the interesting albeit scenic route my training had taken until that point I decided to get the rest directly from the horses mouth as it were. I spent a week studying and living with Helen in November 2004 in Australia. During this period Helen believed she wasn’t long for this earth and passed to me and 5 other masters the secrets of a “new technique” which she had used to repair her own heart during illness. I remained an endorsed teacher with Helen for 4/5 years, training many masters during that time and during which time she initiated me to master. Perhaps inevitably the rigidity and control began to outweigh the joys and benefits of the system and in 2007 I joined the honour roll of the great “defrocked” having fallen out of favour with Helen, whom as far as I know survived and is still with us.

I continue to teach all I’ve learned giving credit where credit is due. This occurred in perfect synchronicity for me as in the years since then I have found myself and my groups moving away from systems healing and moving towards teaching what is right for the individual student / group at the time of the workshop. So now I feel free to teach others and share knowledge and information in a dynamic way particularly at the sacred sites where “the agenda” is written by a higher power, and the teachings can come through from the original teachers themselves. So now I teach Sekhem as Lemurian Living Light which is how it has morphed through my own practice and teaching and share what I see as the nuggets of my journey.

Other training and great teachers I have been blessed to work with include Hypnopsychotherapy with Sue Washington; Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy with Sue Richter; NLP with Bandler McKenna and Breen; Spirit Releasement, Soul Retrieval and Past life Regression with Irene Louis; a little TFT and EFT, health and fitness; aromatherapy through my wonderful sessions with Jacqui Christie of OrganicaJ, herbal medicine through same with Judy Patterson, Yoga with Pam; Indian Head Massage; Raindrop Technique and Tibetan Reflexology with Yvonne Jevrons and who knows what next


I enjoyed reading the above myself 😊 My “training” over a lifetime really. So what have I done since then…. Well I am sitting here, in my hut one the beach in Goa writing this for a start. What a journey life is. My dear friend Seda Shambavi said yesterday as we caught up after 2 years of not seeing each other: “only a really strong spirit would have designed such a karma that you have seen over the last 2 years”, I smiled at her wisdom. Yes higher-self gave me the people and experiences I needed. I called it training earlier, I meant it, so many of us think of training as the certificates we may or may not frame and display on the walls of our therapy rooms but it is sooo much more. Like the walk I had yesterday with “Swami I Am” the nanoo second of being suspended in space that was extended into no time as I asked myself: “what is happening”, then the shock of finding myself on the floor with a bleeding leg followed shortly with the ego’s offence at men trying to manhandle me to my feet and who on earth could have been stupid enough to leave the stand for an umbrella right next to a guests chair in a dimly lit restraint. Another wake-up call. Like the young man I sat with over drinks the other night said: India will give you what you need. Remember that when you get Delhi belly 😊

So what since then, here goes:

The decision to keep my marriage house after my husband’s departure meant having a hard look at income. Luckily, I met a clever young man called Billy from Glasgow, he looked more of a thug than an entrepreneur, but I liked him. On his advice I applied the 80-20 rule and the winner was hypnosis and a website was the way to go.  It worked, very well and within three months my clients had tripled. Hypnotherapy was the way to go and I went big style. I upped my psychotherapy training, went all the way to trainer with NLP and taught hypnotherapy for several years. Sadly, it meant other things had to diminish, Sekhem had petered out since Helen brought in copyright and changed the name and for me the clients slowly dwindled, the ones that sought me out I gave what they asked but I didn’t pursue it any longer and in 2010 the revolution put paid to spiritual tours to Egypt. I was saddened but my life was running apace.

In 2012 I started spending holidays in Turkey where I met Seda, an Aruvedic consultant and yoga teacher and we created a couple of retreats there, but bombings ended that story prematurely and although I made a couple of retreats to Cyprus – like the Turkish ones, based on my now published book: “The Me I Want To Be” my heart wasn’t in it. I felt a missing ingredient in my work. This grew in 2016 and actually just before I published I fell into deep self-doubt.

Since 2010 I had trained in Hatha Yoga with Zen Master Daizan Skinner, then in Yoga Nidra with Swami Nirmal farmer and them with Daizan again the teachers training for Zen Meditation and Mindfulness. My personal practice was spiritual but my professional practice remained firmly as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Then in 2015 I went to India, I was encouraged by both Seda and the thought of doing the childhood deconditioning course, Primal, at the Osho Ashram in Pune. The whole trip was amazing, and I came back feeling I had recaptured the spiritual essence of my true self – just as I had in 2004 before, well I don’t even know how to explain exactly what happened then but anyway I felt back to “myself” after India. Then, the biggest karmic truck hit me full on and lasted a whole 2 years and some, so here I am having come full circle and now sitting on my porch in Goa…

So my personal development deepened in many ways, a consciousness driven peeling of layers. I followed the Primal course with the tantra course and become sanyasin and facilitator for Osho… I went to a workshop In Romania called “Conscious Medicine” it was based on something called New German medicine and much of it was well, just too medical for me – BUT – the gold I got was a deeper understand, in fact a whole new level of “knowing” why the mnemodynamic psychotherapy I have been practicing for years worked so beautifully in sometimes miracle like ways and also why it would never work on those clients that just didn’t go “in”. This encouraged me even more towards the Osho meditation therapies and I could see so clearly how the man was light years ahead of his time.

The next eye opener was after a run in with a narcissist. He was my dark angel and broke me open enough to not only force my healing to a deeper level but to force my pen onto paper and start my auto biography. The healing method I used was Mel Quantum – it worked, beautifully and to me (the therapist me) it was mnemodynamics and sekhem rolled into one. I was getting excited. All the things I had leared over a lifetime were coming into a beautiful play with each other.

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