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THE ME I WANT TO BE RETREAT PORTUGAL 1st – 8th September 2018

If you’re seeking a nurturing space to simply get away from it all, and find the clarity and tools to help you face the next chapter of your life then join us for 7 chilled out nights and 8 relaxing days, as you make the simple yet profound shifts to your true self~

Exploring the greatest and grandest expression of you through a fusion of hypnosis, NLP, yoga, meditations, and ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Portugal is the perfect place to re-treat and tackle those life challenges you either don’t have time for, or have gotten too big to ignore.

In Portugal you will:

  • Learn the forgotten skill of talking to your body-mind, the language of the body, then renew and deepen those connections with daily yoga
  • Meditate under the stars and connect with your “True North”
  • Experience the practices of the ancient Egyptian Sleep temples and the energy of Sekhem
  • And much more…

I’m in, when can I book my flights?

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So why should YOU join us?
  • It’s the perfect environment
  • With the perfect companionship and professional support
  • It’s what you have been looking for to make it happen, help you find the missing piece of the puzzle
What can you expect if you spend 7 days chilling out in glorious Portugal while shifting into authentic wellbeing?

Well what if you started getting to know yourself in ways you didn’t even imagine before, taking care of yourself in ways you always longed to, discovered tools to disintegrate the challenges in your way, let go of the past and got insanely inspired to design the most outrageously amazing life-changes and goals!

Would that be worth coming for?

I think so – PLUS you get to pick my brains for 7 days, that, itself, is worth it!

What does it include?
  • 7 nights’ bed & breakfast at our fabulous hotels
  • 14 + hours of face to face teaching with Vicki
  • 9 + hours of yoga with Maria Juan
  • 4 + hours of online teaching
  • The Me I Want To be e-book and 21 MP3 recordings of the meditations, relaxations and exercises that come with it
  • Pre and Post Retreat Online Support
What does it not include?



Meals other than breakfast


Available at a cost by arrangement

Optional one to one coaching with Vicki and Maria Juan, spa treatments and outings


Because you deserve it ~

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Portugal 2018 Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive and settle in

Self-Mastery, requires Self-Knowledge and Self-Knowledge begs the question – what is self? Finding the answer becomes a voyage of discovery. You’ll set sail with a variety of auditorily and visually presented experiential methods so that by the time we meet you will already have embarked and be able to pinpoint exactly what you intend to receive from the journey.

Day 2

Acknowledging body as apart of the whole, with which you have a two-way communication, conscious and subconscious and indeed one more vehicle from which we can explore self-knowledge.

I have always held a deep interest in this communication with the body, from my fitness coaching days, to learning the communication system of Sekhem and Language of the Body with Helen Belot. Listening to Nirdosh Kohra’s seminar “Conscious Medicine” in 2017 re-kindled the urge for more and by Portugal 2018 I will have completed both the Osho Meditation Facilitator and the Reminding Yourself of  The Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body-Mind training, so I am super excited about exploring these things with the group. The feedback with clients so far has been incredible.

Day 2 offers the opportunity to experience the body in different ways. Through yoga, walking, swimming, pampering, deep relaxation, communication with the body mind and the elements in our wonderful natural location. You will have the opportunity to pre-book optional treatments for body mind and soul, relax in the spa, recover from the journey and set the pace for the rest of the retreat.

Day 3

In the book I claim that mind is outside the body. The body is also the mind 😊 and language is inadequate to describe the intermingled, interconnected, cosmic mix of magic that we truly are. I don’t “end” at the edge of my aura, perhaps I begin where I touch yours. I feel your sadness, vulnerability, anger and hurt just as I feel the storm that is brewing in the east.

During Day 3 after a morning exploring silence, meditation, and yoga we’ll visit the natural reserve of Pria Du Barril where we’ll go further into mindfulness as we walk the shore and experience how our body mind flows with nature. We’ll finish with supper on the beach, our final meditation under the stars and return late to the hotel.

Day 4

As for Mastering the Emotions I like the expression ~ energy in motion~ the vehicle we use to connect and communicate energetically, and can use to achieve our goals, reach the stars, to be at one with spirit, to be aware of our true purpose.

Day 4 offers the perfect technique for dealing with stuck patterns and positive mind sets and a beautiful ritual ceremony on Altura beach where you can let go of the emotions and energy that are holding you in a negative vibration.

Day 5

Memory is both transient and fragile, our filter system deletes, distorts and generalises from the moment our brain receives information. So, the past is a fiction held in place by the constructs of language, beliefs and ultimately the experiences we attract into our personal reality because of them.

Day 5 Maria João Neves will concentrate of the letting go aspect of yoga. We’ll enjoy our last day breakfast on Altura and visit the past in the shape of the typically old Portuguese town of Tavira. There will be free time to explore beach and shops and I’ll share a method of releasing the past with the help of our inner child, and the group will experience a ceremony of forgiveness before we enjoy dinner on those cobbled streets either side of the Gilão River.

Day 6

Mastering Destiny, naturally evolves from the previous lessons around understanding how your now- your thoughts, behaviours, and thus experiences become your personal reality – our destiny. With that knowledge you are equipped to design exactly what it is you’d like to attract into your life. Armed with sketch pads and crayons we’ll make our way to Pria Du Verde and a new life.

Friday is our last day and in sacred ceremony you will call in your true self and the future you intend

Day 7

The retreat will be followed up with the integration piece online and a final coaching from me.

THE ME I WANT TO BE is a joint effort of my own personal-development, what I have found to work in my professional practice, and what the ancients took as their way of life. These are the steps that led me from addiction to the glowing health and contentment I enjoy today. I now hold deeply as a truth, the knowing that from every challenge and every place where I thought I was undone, something better came out of it. I have seen the same in my clients. Let me help you find that something better. In the book I share the practices that really made the difference, and a little more of my journey.

For more on the book.

These ideas are also presented seamlessly in classes and on retreats. On retreat, the group work, meditations, and guided journeys are supported by daily yoga with optional therapies. Having led 7 spiritual tours to Egypt and the sacred sites of Scotland; Retreats to Turkey in 2015, Cyprus 2016 and 2017 I am an experienced retreat leader and the content is absolutely group led – the meal is most certainly NOT the menu.

Nevertheless, here is an idea of how that menu will present during our next retreat, Portugal 2018 –

Maria João

Praia do Barril

Altura beach

What others said about the experience

So, if you are ready to make your changes from the inside out, look no further…

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Count me in…

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