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THE ME I WANT TO BE RETREAT PORTUGAL 1st – 8th September 2018

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If you are ready to make your changes from the inside out join Vicki Rebecca for seven days, to relax, retreat and make the profound shifts to your true self-

Simple Shifts to Authentic Wellbeing
1st-8th September 2018

7 chilled out nights and 8 relaxing days


Exploring the greatest and grandest expression of you through a fusion of hypnosis, NLP, yoga, meditations, and ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Portugal is the perfect place to re-treat and tackle those life challenges you either don’t have time for, or have gotten too big to ignore.

As the sun is setting over the sea and you are sitting on the patio of our hotel, you can’t help smiling when you think of the delightful day you just had. Stretching your body in the morning, letting go of the stresses and strains of your journey and busy everyday life. Enjoying breakfast with your amazing new retreat friends then strolling along the extended beach at the centre of the bay and swimming in the clear, warm waters….Late lunch lazing under the palm trees in the gardens or browsing around the tavernas, bars and cafes of picturesque pedestrian square in the nearby village. Your life changing session with Vicki. Now you are looking forward to the what the evening may bring and the delights of Portuguese cuisine.

So why should YOU join us?
  • It’s the perfect environment
  • With the perfect companionship and professional support
  • The Retreat is what you have been looking for to make it happen
What can you expect if you spend 7 days chilling out in glorious Portugal while shifting into authentic wellbeing?

Well what if you got insanely inspired to design the most outrageously amazing life-changes and goals, started taking care of yourself in ways you didn’t even imagine before and discovered tools to disintegrate the challenges in your way?

Would that be worth coming for?

I think so – PLUS you get to pick my brains for 7 days, that, itself, is worth it!

What does it include?
  • 7 nights’ bed & breakfast at our fabulous hotel
  • 14 + hours of teaching with Vicki
  • 9 + hours of yoga with Denise
  • Pre and Post Retreat Online Support
Also, available at a cost by arrangement

Optional one to one coaching , VIP days and outings

What does it not include?



Meals other than breakfast


What is the investment?
The total investment is £595, based on 2 sharing.

Single Supplement add £125

Deposit of £195 within 7 days of registration, full payment by 31st May 2018


What others said about the experience

Limited Spaces Available

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Payment Options

Full Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive and settle in

The ancients mastered their physical and their metaphysical bodies: their thoughts, emotions, and energy; their soul and its transit to the afterlife; and naturally, their beloved Egypt—heaven on earth.
You too can learn self-mastery through self-knowledge

      • Learning to Relax
      • Learning to Look Within
      • Developing self-esteem

Day 2

The ancients took pride in a perfect physique, you too can cherish and revere the temple you live in.
Yet you are not this physical body,
You borrow this body while you walk on this beautiful earth

Breathe – Hydrate – Move – Learn to Master Your Physiological State

Day 3
You are not these thoughts…

Before entering the King’s Chamber, would-be initiates would have attained mastery of practice and of state of mind. Initiation in ancient times meant three days in a sarcophagus and failure meant certain death.
You too can learn to detach from and master your thoughts.

Learn to Meditate – Introduction to Mindfulness

Day 4
You are not these feelings…

The ancients used the power of their emotions to take them to a higher level of being.
You can do the same. You can learn to master your emotions then use them to be who you desire to be and thus attract all that will naturally come with that, all that you desire and more.

Learn to Master Your Emotions: Present and Past

Day 5
You are not your past…

The ancients believed in the healing power of “catharsis”, and you too can heal your past.
Yet you are not your past.
The past may have helped make you who you are but you are not our past

Let Go of the Past – Forgiveness

Day 6
You are not your future…

The ancient Egyptians believed in magick, believed that they could master their destiny even beyond this life, indeed, they believed that the gods and goddesses GAVE them the key of life.
You too have the key to mastering your destiny

Take a hand in weaving the dream

Day 7

You are not this physical body…
You are not your thoughts…
You are not your emotions…
You are not your past…
You are not your future….

You are more than you know you are
You are that voice in your heart
You are an amazing light being having a physical experience on this planet
A being that has taken millennia to evolve
A being capable of many things
Capable of living a fully realised existence on a fully conscious Earth
Living the “present” you have been given – dreaming the Great Mystery

The seventh level for the ancient Egyptians was the great mystery. They entered the King’s Chamber for three days and came out with the knowledge imprinted on their being.
You too have all the information you need within you.

THE ME I WANT TO BE is a joint effort of my own personal-development, what I have found to work in my professional practice, and what the ancients took as their way of life. These are the steps that led me from addiction to the glowing health and happiness I enjoy today. I now hold deeply as a truth, the knowing that from every challenge and every place where I thought I was undone, something better came out of it. I have seen the same in my clients. I share the practices that really made the difference, and a little more of my journey. Here are a couple of the reviews – “Vicki has a saltiness, bit like Bette Midlar.” “Very accessible” “Terrifically good book” – BUY THE BOOK

THE ME I WANT TO BE is also presented seamlessly in classes and on retreats. On retreat, the group work, meditations and guided journeys are supported by daily yoga with optional therapies and massage. Having led 7 spiritual tours to Egypt, to the sacred sites of Scotland and Retreats to Turkey in 2015, Cyprus 2016 and 2017 I am an experienced retreat leader and the content is and absolutely group led – the meal is most certainly NOT the menu. Nevertheless here is the outline, the 7 lessons are based upon –

Limited Spaces Available

Book Now To Avoid Disappointment

Payment Options

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