Sorted & Sexy in Six Months 1-2-1 Online Coaching

Normally £70 Now for a limited period only £50.00!

“I did it & you can too!!!”

overweight, depressed, stuck in a toxic relationship, addicted: drink, drugs fags, porn, stress – yes stress is also an addiction! 

Is it time thrive or dive time?

If so after a thorough online consultation process~

You’ll tell me your story and I’ll guide you in a meditation where you’ll discover your intention and decision to let go. This will help you achieve the right mindset for your goals, then together we’ll decide the best way forward, planning out the exact steps.

I’m ready to re-prioritise my life and get rid of my belly once and for all!

If you are ready to take the positive steps to feeling good about you – book here!

You’ll also receive the following additional support via video, vlog, and blog-

  • Food options and detox tips to fit even in the busiest of schedules.
  • Access to the granny gut video series where you see me go through it – graphically!
  • The blog series “Why I had to detox my life”
  • Motivanal emails and information updates
  • PDF containing links to:
    • The exercise
    • Detailed detox process “the diet” (there is a £10 charge for this which I cannot avoid or include in my price)
    • The meditations I used to get rid of the body armouring that kept me locked in the past
    • The healing process I used to get rid of the emotional baggage.
  • SPECIAL BONUS – if you choose to continue with the coaching for support and/or dive deep to release inner wounding I will extend you the £50 per hour online offer until you have achieved your goals

Can’t wait to get started on the new mindset! 

The Losing Weight and Feeling Great E-books and MP3s with or without the Hypno Band are available here –

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  1. Morag Allan says:

    Hi Vicki I can totally relate to stress and. weight gain having gone through years of stressful events I exercise but the food is s issue I eat well most of the time but it all goes out the door with my over consumption of sugar I can’t seem to let it go being a ex smoker and party girl I seem to a replaced it all with sugar it’s having a bad effect on my body I am aware of what’s happening but struggling letting go

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