Indian Head Massage Treatment and Training

Indian Head Massage is a simple and effective form of therapy which has been popular in India for over a thousand years. The head, neck and shoulders – all the energy centres where tension is most likely to accumulate – are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged until the pressure begins to simply float away.

By stimulating scalp circulation, massage relaxes the scalp itself, tones up subcutaneous muscles relieving eyestrain, headaches and improving concentration.

Massage of the scalp, face, neck & shoulders, soothes, comforts and re balances energy flow to produce a feeling of peace and well-being, promoting improvement in hair texture and even helping to reduce hair loss. Full treatment takes approx. 20 minutes.

8 hours of relaxation and learning

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Sunday 22nd September 2019 at 09:30–17:30

Chez Vicki, Aboyne

Yes please, I'd like to be massaged until the pressure begins to simply float away.

Full treatment £40 with Sekhem 90 minutes £60

Or do the training yourself~

Training in Indian Head Massage is simple and pleasurable given during a one day relaxing workshop. Cost is £75 per person including workshop notes and attendance certificate (£25 for returning students). Training is open to individuals for personal use, to therapists for therapeutic use and to hairdressers and beauty therapists for use alongside their normal services or as part of a “delux” conditioning treatment or facial.



“I really enjoyed the course and gave my first massage yesterday. I enjoyed it and so did recipient. Just need to find out a bit (or a lot) more about Chakras and Pressure Points”. Pat

“Great day out, my mother loved it” Janine

“Really loved your informal style – my husband wants to send me back to you – he’s never been so spoiled”

“Total bliss – thank you so much Vicki” Anne

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  1. Michelle says:

    Fantastic day!

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