What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations?

Today I woke and thought it is new years day, so I looked into my heart and asked what I really wanted from 2015, here it is –

tango-danceTo LIVE my life

To find BIG love and share great moments

To reach another level in writing, teaching and helping

To travel much more than last year

To improve my fitness in a new and challenging way

For me those are the 5 most important goals for THIS year.

So why not do the same, close your eyes, go inside, quiet down and then ask within what is it that you REALLY want – that’s it!

The next step is to write a paragraph on why you’ll achieve these outcomes, reasons why you’ll do whatever it takes. Sell to yourself why it is important that you do achieve them. This needs total commitment, “I want to be rich” doesn’t tell brain much – if you tell brain why …”I want to be rich so I can drive a fast car and date a gorgeous toy boy / girl….” you’ll be much more motivated to get there 😉

Take time to do that now…

There’s lots of things you can do at this point, make a vision board, create affirmations, but actually the main thing is action steps, don’t make the same mistake I did back in the day –

 More Spiritual than Practical

I fancied having a sports car. I put the glossy brochure on my desk and placed a crystal on top of it. I looked at it every day, sent it reiki, imagined sitting in it, smelling the new leather, saw myself driving it, felt the pulsating engine “Like a Bat out of Hell.”

Maybe three years later, bored of dusting it, my then-husband said to me, “Can you not afford your car yet, Vicki?” I thought about it. “I suppose I could.” “Well, you will actually have to go out and buy it!” It was true; I had somehow thought it would just turn up on the doorstep with a pink bow around the bonnet. Oops, I forgot the action step!

So it’s not enough to really want something, not enough to visualise it over and over again. You have to match your dreams with actions, and they need to be in alignment”.



It takes 21 days of regular practice for language habits become “unconscious.” We know it takes the same amount of practice to re-program your unconscious with new thinking habits, new emotional habits, and new behavioural habits. There are 17 sets of three-week periods in a year. So,

If you practice one new, key habit for 21 days, in a year’s time you will have transformed your life!

So where do you wish to start, let’s keep it simple, for example for the first 21 days of the year I choose these –

–          free write for half an hour daily

–          practice Turkish for half an hour daily

–          walk for an hour EVERY day then find a dance class

They will take one extra hour of my time a day. I’ve already established exercising and meditating daily so one more extra hour is enough, it gives me 2 and a half hours for me every day. Today I begin to LIVE my life as I embrace these new habits right now on New Year’s Day. I believe that from loving yourself enough to listen to and develop yourself comes loving the world and the world loving you. When the world is loving you because you are living your truth, wonderful things come your way. The same thing happens when we pass on the love, make time in your schedule to reach out to others, both to gave and receive love and support – the greatest joy comes from giving freely and helping those who need a wee leg up.

Some of my goals  are already under way, we usually have a seedling of something and I am guessing you are the same. but this year I got determined, I’ve already set myself up for 4 breaks including time to finish marketing of book one, buying some time off to get stuck into book 2, facilitating 2 trips abroad which I am dreaming of daily – yoga, meditation and like minded friends in the most gorgeous peninsula in Turkey then cruising on our own private dahabaya through the temples of the Nile – O mama you can imagine how excited I am getting over that!

Now YOU – what  do you wish for 2015???? What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations?

Whatever that is I wish you love, light, joy and laughter on the way.

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