Nail Biting

Nail biting is an anxiety induced condition that can be easily help by hypnosis

Nail biting is considered an impulse control disorder, classified under obsessive-compulsive and related disorders in the DSM-5.

The client in this photo had previously bitten her nails to the core – she was so proud and still hadn’t bitten 3 years later!

Tired of nail stubs and bleeding, ready for a set of nails to be proud of?

Nail biting can not only make your hands look unsightly, and ugly but if you bite your nails badly enough, you can permanently damage your nails, teeth, or even your gums. It can also cause health problems as when you’re biting your nails, you’re constantly transferring bacteria from your hands to your mouth.

While many feel ashamed of the habit some people don’t even realise they’re biting their nails at all until it’s pointed out to them, indicating that it almost never happens consciously. It’s a habit. (The same principles apply to nail and skin picking and other body-focused repetitive behaviours).

  • The fact that it IS a habit is good news for the hypnotherapist as hypnosis speaks to the unconscious mind where habits are formed
  • However nail biting is both a habit and a response to anxiety, stress, boredom and other emotional triggers like frustration and loneliness.
  • So there are two parts to stopping it. The first part is breaking the habit. The second part is making sure you control your anxiety or stress.

There are various methods to break the habit usually using NLP to interrupt the pattern and hypnosis to embed the new programming or behaviour. Hypnotherapy is also the treatment of choice for anxiety, stress and the other trigger emotions so that will also be taken care of during your session.

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