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I have been blessed with the curves of a goddess and as such my weight has always fluctuated but being pretty fit it was never something I felt overly worried me until the day I stopped long enough to catch a glimpse of what was tucked under the dress!!!


It is so easy to let things slip, I know I’ve been there, July 2017, I woke up and released I had been using my body as a drug dealer to keep me going in peptides as I struggled to keep business going in an economic downturn, keep my sanity in an abusive relationship that I couldn’t seem to tear myself away from and show up as the inspirational leader that I thought I was once – arghhh what happened!!!!


The wakeup call came while travelling when I had a moment to look in the mirror and realised I had “grown” a massive Granny Gut!  From that moment I embarked on a personal journey which not only included ramping up my previous research on both stress and weight loss and how they interacted with each other but took me right back to the original wounds which had led me to addiction, co-dependency in the first place ~ the piece I had yet to uncover.


The deep level cause is spiritual, we are evolving and letting go of the darkness to move more fully into the light can be painful. However, we LIVE in our bodies, so body was where I started.


Synchronicity has been with me every single step ~ the learnings I stumbled upon, letting go of things I thought I couldn’t live without and then finding such a freedom without them. Most precious of all ~ time, I resources I thought was gone forever and what a gift it is to have. I have never felt so blessed.


Going forward this work will be developed from 1-2-1 coaching into video training and who knows what else. I am still working out exactly how I will present this but thinking it will be a mixture of blog, vlog, stories, teachings and finally, the underbelly of the book that has been waiting to be written… Yes, the healing work that I uncovered during the winter of 2017/18 has enabled me to start penning my memoires – whether that ends up on the celluloid screen or in a dusty pile for Jessica to clear out when I leave – who knows but what I can promise is that I will share it warts and wisdom. The wisdom being those pieces that REALLY worked, the warts is the story of the woman and the wounded child within.

Six months later I was so totally chuffed with myself. The plan was to lose my granny gut and toxic relationship, what I received was soooo much more, I felt like a new person.

What are you treating the temple of your amazing mind-body-true-self to today?

Really think about it – are you loving you?

To hear the whole story AND how I did it I am happy to present –

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Sorted and Sexy in Six Months One to One Coaching!


In the end I found a way of eating that really works for me, of course at the bottom of it all is my willingness to try new things and the motivation I get from my number one tool hypnosis. Hypnosis is a phenomenal to tool for change, it can get rid of habits quite honestly – just like that! (snap).

If you would like to use the same recording I used to get started, give you the mind set and motivation that only hypnosis can as well as the knowledge of how diets don’t work

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If  my story interests you and if my path inspires you, please ensure you are signed up for the 1-2-1 offer up for grabs now, from there you will receive both warts and wisdom ~


If you only want to see the warts 😊 (and ou certinaly wouldn’t be th eonly one, ensure you are receive my Newsletter / Blog / Inspirational Tips emails and you will be sure not to miss any of the story ~

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