Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

End the pain, grief and despair of Narcissistic Abuse with a unique process that guides you every step of the way.

If you are reading this I will probably have shared with you my dark night of the soul during the winter of 2017-18. I did start to blog about it along with my Sorted and Sexy Coaching but slap bang in the middle of that, as so often happens when we give over control to a higher power, my book, I mean my autobiography “Vicki” something that I have been “thinking” of birthing since before my first book was published, came tumbling out of me.

It took over my life.

I would have managed any of it were it not for this programme by Melonie Tonia Evans that I am recommending for you here today. I asked if I could share it and here it is at a great price for my clients

The truth is we don’t get “finished” but we can get to a place where we love ourselves enough to choose happiness. That’s what I chose this year. I hope you choose the same.

I have no doubt you will get what you need from this programme or I wouldn’t have sent you here. Now and again you may wish to have help “bottoming out” the stuff it brings out – get back to me for that and we will book in a couple of online sessions.


Love and Light


Vicki (Deva Upchara)