Our world has been in transformation since the lead up to 2012. Many of us realized for some time that it wasn’t a magical cut off point but a gradual shift during which we would transform and evolve until any darkness that has held us back from being all that we can be was dissolved. We needed to change, systems needed to change, which of course includes big systems like governments, companies, families, and each one of us personally.

For many years I have been helping others change. Then circumstances were such in my life that I had to turn within. During that period I developed the hypnotherapy side of my work and wrote a book. A self help book. I have always hated that so many who wrote to me for help through hypnosis and energy work, simply couldn’t afford it. So everything I do now: tours; events; 1-2-1 and products will be in order to reach a larger audience. To achieve this I am working in partnership with new people and trying new things while teaching and writing in the way that my students and clients have been telling me they love and appreciate – straight and simple.

Of course every process of change involves letting go. As our beloved Egypt goes through her transformation we can only send out love and light and do what we can to support her people. So until things are more settled we have postponed our tours there and have used this time to expand retreats and tours into Turkey and Scotland as well as complete the book and the training birthed of course (like all good things) in Egypt: Journey of the Initiate.

Journey of the Initiate is not the title of the first book but the ethos by which I intend to live and work. Initiation came into my life spontaneously, I didn’t have a clue what was going on but I’ll let the blog and the book tell that tale. For now I write to explain that I will be merging all the sites, newsletters and Facebook pages. I have to work from the heart of where I am living – and anyway like so many of you I have lived too long thinking I had to be superwoman. Apparently it is the shame of women that we do not DO enough, despite 70% of us are single parents, despite, post credit crunch, supplying more than half the workforce. Interestingly we are now unhappier than our male counterparts (60 years ago when only a few of us worked part time we were happier). I conclude only to simplify my own life 🙂

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