Anxious, overwhelmed, uncertain?

Are there times when you are anxious without even knowing why? Maybe there’s more to do than there are hours in the day, you continually race around in circles and can’t imagine how to get out of the hole you find yourself in. Maybe there are things in your life that don’t suit you anymore, you don’t know how to get out of them and have no clue what you would want instead even if you did!


It’s all just too much, the circumstances seem inescapable or you start to imagine that the problem is intrinsic to you (the something-must-be-wrong-with-me syndrome) or have been going on so long that you can’t get out of them without causing too much grief for too many people, losing money, losing face, etc., etc.IMG_2871


But wait. The truth is that we usually find solutions to even really big problems by simply taking care of the small things – the right now stuff. For instance just ask yourself what it is you need right now –and give it! There may be a zillion things going on but right now you are hungry, thirsty, tired or worried. So just eat, drink rest or do something to get calm.

Stop and breathe for a moment.

I know it sounds simple but trust me it works, I’ve seen it work a hundred times. In fact many clients come to me at what they feel is a crossroads in their life. They want to know which path to take, perhaps they could discover that if I put them in a trance, if only…

And I have considered it, even tried on a couple of occasions, but I’m afraid it just doesn’t work that way. I agree it would be great if it did but unless you’re Gypsy Rose Lee or the great Nostradamus, best forget that idea. That’s absolutely NOT to say you cannot create your own future you absolutely DO create your own future, you just don’t get all the answers ahead of time! So instead of trying to do the impossible I do my best to convince my client to put the question on the shelf for a few weeks promising we will revisit it once they are feeling better within themselves by dealing with the immediate and obvious issues. When we do that, the answer to the bigger question usually becomes clear all on its own. You can do the same.

IMG_2639Of course there are some answers you are just not meant to have right now, maybe lessons need to be learned, divine right-timing and all that. So again just look after yourself right now in this moment and the big stuff will percolate away in the background sorting itself out.

To look after yourself in the moment you can practice different methods of tuning in, quieting yourself down and ascertaining your own needs. Which method is unimportant but if it is your intention to live a life that is rich and fulfilling, you need to learn to step back and take re-treat. A re-treat can be anything from a momentary breath to a life changing world tour.

Here are two of my favourite mini retreats, if you are receiving my newsletter – or on the waiting list for the book – I’ll be sending you a recorded version very soon.


First thing in your morning

Stretch and breathe in fully. Exhale and let every muscle in your body relax. Let all the night’s tension drift away. Nothing matters now, nothing at all except letting all the tension go, and enjoying a few minutes of peace and stillness all to yourself…

Then like a bird at dawn, spread your wings and fly above the mundane, fly into your place of stillness and gather there awhile…

With that sense of rest and retreat, with peace inside your heart, look forward to your day.

EveningFBIn Your Evening

Breathe out all the stresses and tensions of the day…

Let every muscle in your body relax. Let all the day’s tension drift away. Nothing matters now, nothing at all except letting all the tension go, and enjoying a few minutes of absolute peace just for you, peace to prepare you for a deep, nurturing night’s sleep.

Detach like a star in the night sky.

Soar above the cares and troubles of your day. Remove your mind from everything and everyone, and become blissfully detached, like a star.

Like a star, free to radiate light, light and peace. Radiate light and peace to the world. Radiate love. Enjoy the simplicity of the night sky, enjoy the peace and, when you are ready, fall into a deep and blissful sleep.

And when you sleep and when you dream perceive yourself doing all that you intend to do, and being all that you intend to be.

Little rituals like these can help you live the moments that expand you into the greatest and grandest expression of you. However there are times you need more, a more complete retreat. Perhaps you sense it is decision time at your particular crossroads, just know that if you carry on the way you are the damage will be irreparable or you’ve just lost touch with your life’s purpose. For those kinds of answers, you need to step back, to draw a line, to retreat from the humdrum into stillness, to nature, perhaps by connecting with like-minded souls. These are all valid ways of hearing your true self and a powerful method of catharsis and growth. Time, space, breath, just for you!

I usually plan to do it on a regular basis. Allow me share some more photographs from my latest journey

greta shot Take 3 girls[/caption]
IMG_2630 Avenue of oranges[/caption]First I set off with my two lovely girlfriends Sharmeela and Penny. We had 10 days rest and relaxation in Konyalta, Antalya. The three of us had originally met randomly at a yoga retreat in July 2012 in Side – it was a turning point for all of us and we kept in touch. Since Penny lives in New Zealand this holiday was the first all 3 of us had been together since then, so there was lots of catching up to be had.


One of our favourite things was to walk from the hotel lobby to the  pool down the avenue of orange trees – the smell was incredible. Orange essential oil is well known for its uplifting properties but to walk down that avenue as the morning sun started to break through – heaven!

Well rested, having shared, let go and laughed our way through those 10 days, the girls were back to London and I was ready to go hippy chic – next stop Cappadoccia

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