MULADHARA meaning “root of our support”

The base chakra is the chakra of life, its colour vibrant deep crimson red (into browns and sometimes black). Red is for passion for living. It’s element is the earth and it’s all about the physical – when in balance shows vibrancy of physical health, a sense of belonging on and connection to the Earth, Earthy abundance, an instinctive honouring of personal needs and manifesting all that is required for survival and success while respecting the needs of others. Feeling secure and at home. While imbalance can manifest in an addiction to security, materialism, greed and self gratification with too much energy causing lethargy and fear of change while too little can causing instability, not being grounded and perhaps fear of survival.

Governs the adrenals; kidneys; pelvis; lower back; base of the spine and everything below it including the legs and feet. Also bones teeth, nails, bowel movement; the colon; anus; and urethra. This chakra also governs the fight or flight instinct – basic survival, passion, enthusiasm for living and grounded ness. It is also the seat of the Kundalini and therefore the real occult centre of the body. We ground through our base chakra, which is situated at the base of the spine or the perineum.

Perhaps you’d like to join me in this relaxation to cleanse and clear the base chakra, muladhara, and ground yourself to the earth.

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