Yesterday it was like winter wonderland here in Aberdeenshire, everywhere covered in glistening white frost, and the geese calling as they made their way south. That’s what I am just about to do too.

If you too fancy chilling out and recharging in the sun, join me on the beach in Varkala from New Years. I’ve organized yoga, meditation and lots of other wellbeing teachings and treatments, just for you.

If you fancy joining us India, the deets are here – or message for more, and to follow the journey online, just watch this space!

Please feel free to share this blog, ask questions or make comments below.

I was very well organized – for me, for once.

Jeanie, the earth healer from Alaska, house + Felix sitting; Air B+B schedule much reduced but tight; final client sessions all done; and a whole morning to do the final packing… piece of cake!

Well it was until the migraine descended. So, the journey began with a flash rather than a bang and despite the trepidation that comes from knowing you’re just not functioning at optimum I found myself sitting on the small Flybe prop en-route to Manchester next to the obligatory rigger. I knew what I was going to, kind of, it was my third trip, but sitting squashed in between airport lounge breath, my overstuffed cabin baggage and a belly already swollen with travel food, the soon-to-be-svelt, slighty tanned, snoring on the beach person that I knew I would be 4/5 days hence seemed no more than a fantasy of a time gone by.

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