The full moon is coming up, a time of illumination, when we can see what is often the hidden aspect in our psyche. Use that energy, that revelation as a space, an opportunity to do something different. Decide what you want instead and use this cosmic energy as a spring board to something better….

Today I am living walking, talking breathing my book. I am working my butt off on Facebook, so perhaps it’s the continual connection but I’m being getting asked a lot about Sekhem. Sekhem for me is a very personal and very life changing story, so much so much so that I’ve recorded some of it for my 4th book in the queue – Priestess… but first things first ha! Anyway I thought I would post at least post out the following as a blog for now and take this opportunity to wish you big love and light to transit this strawberry or honey moon and make the most of the Sagittarius energy where the desire to expand our horizons becomes an all-consuming obsession – choose your obsessions well!

Blessed be,

Sekhem: Lemurian Living Light Energy System

Sekhem is not just healing energy. It is a complete energy system and everything that is inherent and implied in that term. Sekhem works on a totally different concept and philosophy to other energy healing systems. And although there are some similar sounding systems, none can compare with this high vibrational energy that works at the very soul level. It assists you to take responsibility for your life, to heal, to grow both personally and spiritually and so become more of whom you really are. Although you will hear that Sekhem is derived from the temples of very ancient Egypt it is even more ancient than that. It has come though Atlantis and Lemuria and has surfaced now to assist humanity change vibrational rate quickly and easily so that both mankind and the Earth may ascend to their higher purpose. As an individual it will take you back to your roots of power and then forward to the life you were always meant to live. If you are reading this you may have already decided on some level to go ahead and what you feel over the next few weeks is going to become a part of who you are. May each of you receive that which is necessary for your progress upon your journey and be heightened in awareness by awakening to that which you truly are. Remember and come home.



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    Whoa all kinds of superb knowledge.

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