Fit to Face the Future, or ….

overweight, depressed, stuck in a toxic relationship, addicted: drink, drugs, fags, porn, stress -yes peptide addiction – you name it!

There is no more denying it, we are facing a new paradigm where the buzz word ought to be thrive or dive and unless you are fully living your truth you will be dysfunctional at some level. It can be anything from a sense that all is not rosy in the garden to full blown soul mate induced TRAUMA! Being a healer, super trait empath, addict, and co-dependent, mine was super traumatic and very dramatic 😊 I guess it had to be.

The turning point was when I realised that the woman in the mirror with the “granny gut” was me!  I took a long, hard look at myself and at last faced what had been rippling below the surface since 2015 or perhaps, a very long time before that…

I won’t lie I’ve been through the depths this winter and when I posted this pic on Facebook, early 2018 I realised I was far from alone, so I would like to share what I have come up with so far and find out what you think ~


The deep level cause is spiritual, we are evolving and letting go of the darkness to move more fully into the light can be painful. However, we LIVE in our bodies, so body was where I started.


If I had to give the solutions as bullet points they would be-


  • Healing the gut
  • Healing the wounded child
  • Living as higher self and
  • Surrendering to life


I’m planning a seminar on what I did / am doing to detox mind body and soul with a view to doing an overnight mini retreat locally further down the line with more on food and the how to prepare it, but how does this sound for the pilot  –


Sorted and Sexy in Six Months!

Half Day Holistic Seminar

Sunday 9th June 2018 at 13:30–17:30, Chez Vicki, Aboyne

Sorted and Sexy in Six Months! BOOK NOW

Sorted and Sexy in Six Months! BOOK NOW

  • Why I had to detox my life – my story
  • Your story and how to get into the right mindset to achieve your goals
  • Meditation to discover YOUR intention + decision to let go
  • Connection to the wise woman within and dowsing for what you really need.
  • Food options to fit even in the busiest of schedules

Tea and cake! Only £50.00!

“I did it & you can too!!!”

What do you think? If you like the sound of it please let me know including anything you’d specifically like me to cover.

Meanwhile you can start working on your mindset by purchasing either my Losing Weight and Feeling Great or Losing Weight and Feeling Great with the Hypnoband E-book + MP3s. This purchase will automatically give you access to the LWFG email series which includes the “Granny Gut” video collection – yeah, I took the plunge and bared all on that fateful day in July. I knew my vanity wouldn’t let me fail after that – and actually you should do the same – once we have gone through this process we can have a DVD night with a difference 😊😊 😊

Hope to see you soon, here’s what’s is coming up –

Sorted and Sexy in Six Months
13:30–17:30 in Aboyne on Sunday 9th June 2018

Self-hypnosis: key to unlocking your treasure chest of hidden potential
13:30 – 17:30 in Aboyne on Sunday 15th of May 2018

The Me I Want To Be Retreat, Portugal ~ 7 chilled out nights and 8 relaxing days
Simple Shifts to Authentic Well Being 1st-8th September 2018

Indian Head Massage Training
Sunday 30th September 2018 09.30–16:30, Aboyne

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga Nidra
Sunday 14th October 2018 at 13:30–17:30, Chez Vicki, Aboyne

Portugal in September?

Need some rest, relaxation, bit of yoga and more of what is good for the soul?

THE ME I WANT TO BE RETREAT is visiting Portugal this year for the first time, fancy joining us?

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