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It is wow, just to be alive and breathing, isn’t it? And, actually, that is sometimes as good as it gets. During the Cyprus Retreat some of the group made a trip to Pathos to see the mosaics, others chilled by the pool or beach and I found myself with the afternoon free! I went scuba diving and felt firsthand the beauty of my own breath. I became totally absorbed in the sound of my inhalation and the feeling of the bubbles leaving my mouth on the exhalation. It was intoxicating. I didn’t realise I was slowing my breath – apparently a good thing in yoga is a not-so-good thing in scuba – still it was fun and so relaxing at the same time. I had a similar experience snorkelling on the day of our boat trip, seeing the beautiful fishes made me feel at one with creation.

I am so grateful for this year and the experiences it has brought me.The beginning was tough, still rocking from the karmic clear out of 2016 and dealing with its aftermath. That energy held me until mid-way through the year. Things had kicked off about 12 weeks after I did Primal at the Osho Meditation Centre in Pune in January 2016, the ensuing roller coaster ride continued until I seemingly completed the cycle with the Tantra Course at Osho Afroz in Lesvos this July. For me the 2 courses and the 2 places were utterly different. Afroz was something else – the people I met and how we lived felt so blissful and full of love. I experienced a profound healing there, made great friends and took sannyasin – committing to live life in totality. The name I was given on initiation is Deva Upchara which means divine healer – I love it.

It was a soul journey in every way. My “transit” was in Athens where during morning ablutions, I noticed that I had managed to grow a “belly”. This wasn’t food intolerance induced bloating or a winter 12 pack but solid, unhealthy-in-every-way, belly fat. How did that happen! I switched on the camera –
see “Granny Gut Busters”) and made the commitment to get it gone. I had already researched belly fat and stress, belly fat and lack of sleep and absolutely knew that in my case the big belly was the inheritance from the stress and huge karmic lessons of 2016.

I began losing weight of course. This is always what happens when you reach the moment of acknowledgement and acceptance. But that was not the only thing that changed.

Athens was the perfect transit. After the granny gut vlog, I had just enough time to go for a walk, a swim, eat breakfast, take an hour in the sun, pack at leisure and make my way to the airport. But before that it seems it was time for the multi-dimensional, cosmically directed experience of Malacca Beach.

The story of Malacca Beach although recorded,, and shared at dinner on the retreat, is staying under wraps for now. The experience embraced all the questions I had been asking around womanhood; divine femininity, sexuality, sharing our gift with the world and getting direct guidance from spirit right there, right then in multi-colored, multi-dimensional, multi-media foreplay. It gave me everything I needed to live the next decade of my life and the media upon which to share my life

story. Pivotal and in divine timing. I want to dive deeper into all these subjects, if they interest you and you would like to hear the story, are willing to share a story of your own – any story or anecdote join me for:

Eat, Talk, Meditate

Love; life; lust; womanhood and divine femininity – how does it all work?

Thursday 2nd November at 6.30pm Chez Vicki, Aboyne

The synchronicities have continued in parallel to the demise of my belly.

In Lesvos between the vegetarian diet, the very active meditations and the emotional letting go, my body got a complete wake up call. From Lesvos, I took the ferry to Avalik and the bus south to Datca, and my dear friend, Seda. We had an amazing 10 days of holiday just to ourselves. I caught her on the way out of a detox which was the perfect entry point for me. You can see her famous smoothies in my emails and on the Detox Tips Videos. Granny was getting a nudge.

September always hosts The Me I Want To Be: Retreat and marks of a new season of workshops and tours. This year I managed to get a room with the group
at the Natura Beach Hotel and the chance to explore this totally, organic eco hotel. I was so impressed that I am working on a different style of retreat for next time we visit, one more suitable to the natural surroundings, peace and diving deeper into self-reflection. It will be my mid-range retreat.

On the other hand, The Me I Want To Be: Retreat was always intended to be my lower cost retreat and will become more accessible. We are exploring the possibility of Portugal having had some really great reports and with the direct flights from Aberdeen – the upshot being if you can fly from Aberdeen you can fly from anywhere. Let me know if you have any suggestions as to where in Portugal and indeed where else.

So, to return to my story, I said goodbye to the last two ladies of The Me I Want To Be: Retreat Cyprus 2017 on Friday and spent Saturday enjoying a manicure, pedicure and massage, just letting go of the energy and the group. Sunday just before dawn I caught my first sight of Orion, bringing my thoughts to nearby Egypt and the winter sky I will be seeing shortly on the winter dawns of my homeland. Autumnal soup and cosy fires here I come.

Part of the changing season will be enjoying having my daughter home. Many of you will remember Ewa and will have received her messages and calls over the last 3 years. She has gone back to live in Poland. I miss her dearly and love her forever, a beautiful woman inside and out. I would like to thank her for the calm face with which she held my behind-the-scenes madness and her gift of simplifying all those things I would have complicated – thank you.

My gift in losing her of course has been having Jessica step in to bridge the gap while she starts to develop her own career. Through the combined efforts of all three of us, we have created a roll out of events for the next year that I hope you will love as much as we do.

Here is a glimpse below, I hope you can join us and until then.
Love and Light

Upcoming Events

Indian Head Massage Training
Sunday 19th November 2017 at 09:30–16:30, Chez Vicki, Aboyne

Would you like to both receive, and learn how to, massage the scalp, face, neck and shoulders, thus soothing, comforting and re balancing energy flow to produce a feeling of peace and well-being, promoting improvement in hair texture and even helping to reduce hair loss? Guessing you would! Full treatment takes approx. 20 minutes; training takes one chilled out fun-filled day – join us and see for yourself.

Book up here

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga Nidra
Sunday 26th November 2017 at 13:30–17:30, Chez Vicki, Aboyne

Each one of these disciplines could be studied for a lifetime. This afternoon allows you to experience and find out more about each one. I will offer enough on the practical side for you to enjoy a totally chilled out Sunday afternoon, while receiving information through my teachings and your own questions to decide whether you would like to take any of these practices to a deeper level.

Book up here

The Me I Want To Be Classes: Learn the Simple Shifts to Authentic Well Being
Sundays from 25th January 2018 at 14:30–16:30, Pilates Hut, Banchory

In order to embrace the powerful change already within you, I’d like to invite you, to participate in: The Me I Want to Be, Simple Shifts to Authentic Well Being, Classes – seven personal development workshops over seven months, aimed at creating the greatest and grandest expression of YOU!

This year’s class has a slightly new format which includes 4 lifechanging 1-2-1 sessions, however I will be keeping it at the 2017 prices until Halloween so take your chance and book up now.

Book up here

Marrakesh – Retreat Goals – coming soon
April 2018

I have been in love with Marrakesh since I listened to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young singing “Marrakesh Express”. That was in 1969!!!
I went there with my sister in the early 1980s after and crazy trip from Cannes to Sanremo… anyway we ended up flying to Cassablanca and taking a private car to Marrakesh – the train is still on my bucket list.
Anyway Marrakesh has changed a million times over since then, a hub of young spirituality, yogis, yoginis and renovated riads.
I felt it a perfect place to offer a step back for life and plan for things to come type retreat.
Let me know if you fancy coming along.

Detox in Datca 2018
Relax Repair and Rejuvenate: Detox mind body and soul
25th May – 1st June 2018

7 relaxing nights and 8 awareness filled days, deep in nature

Relax, let go and rejuvenate body mind and soul in your very own Garden of Eden as you are gently guided through this multi layered detox which will leave you ready to embrace a joyous and intention-filled life.

Seda Shambhavi (Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant) and I have given this programme our all, both of us researching and experimenting until we have come up with the perfext fusion of how to really let go – all of it., and of course the perfect location to do it in.

DetoxTitleOnly (1)

The Me I Want To Be: Retreat Portugal 2018
1st – 8th September

Simple Shifts to Authentic Wellbeing

If you are ready to make your changes from the inside out join Vicki Rebecca for seven days, to relax, retreat and make the profound shifts to your true self-

7 chilled out nights and 8 relaxing days
Exploring the greatest and grandest expression of you through a fusion of hypnosis, NLP, yoga, meditations, and ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Hypnotherapy Certificate Training 7 days September 2018
I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting the 7-day Hypnotherapy Certificate from 21- 28th September 2018
£695 watch this space

with client


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