Women gathering: monthly all summer Royal Deeside 2014

Women gathering: monthly meetings in Royal Deeside all summer 2014

Women gathering is simply that a chance to get together, connect, talk about what is happening in our worlds and our lives, meditate, enjoy a deeper relaxation drink tea and eat cake.

next meeting – Exploring the Mineral Kingdom 25th May 2014

Well we had such a magical show from the Animal Kingdom from Felix placing the altar, the birds doing the background sound for the meditations and relaxations, the doves coming in to support Carol and the deer at the bottom of the garden NOT to forget Teddy who always performs an exquisite dual role of butler and channel for Anubis!
THEN…. you’ve given me such great feedback on the grid I thought, ah more about crystals….


Scotland, first nation of light

 Connecting with your pagan self and with the cosmos through the wisdom of the stones.

Winter Solstice 2013 Tomnaverie

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