February 23, 2015

The Power of Gratitude

I have been sharing a lot about my past recently. A tough moment as a recovering addict and ex-nude model bringing my daughter up in a small country village was when she came home saying: “Mummy did you take your clothes off in pictures”.
July 20, 2016

A Road Less Traveled: Self-Hatred to Self-Love, A Woman’s Perspective 

December 13, 2016

Top 10 Year-End Review Questions

Every year at Christmas I get at least a handful of clients anxious about the festive season and this year due to a gig hypnotising shoppers at the local mall I decided to look even deeper into Combating Christmas Stress. It was easy to find out what stresses everyone out, so then I started asking what everyone wanted instead and overwhelmingly the answer is

March 26, 2018

Twiddling With Your Ears Is Good For You!