Abdominal Breathing Download 2

In everyday life we very rarely breathe deeply for a number of reasons. The most important of these is undoubtedly stress. When we are stressed, upset or scared we tense up and our breathing becomes shallow. In extreme cases, during an anxiety or panic attack, the lungs fill up with carbon dioxide and can’t take in oxygen. And, as a result you feel as if you can’t breathe.

So, learn to breathe again with this simple, but very powerful breathing exercise.

I’ve recorded it especially for you, so all you have to do is turn off the phone, tune in and press play!

The Benefits

Deep abdominal breathing reverses the stress response by providing more oxygenation of the blood resulting in greater relaxation, better emotional balance and control, greater mental clarity and sharpness and greatly improved general health. In technical terms, it switches on the parasympathetic part of the involuntary nervous system (relaxation response), which allows the system to rest, relax and repair. Your lung capacity will gradually increase and so you will be able to exercise more without feeling winded.

Give yourself what you need – breathe!

Connecting with the breath is connecting with yourself. It’s called pranayama and we practice it every single morning on retreat at the start of our yoga class waking up mind and soul to start the day.

I hope you enjoyed your gift!

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