When I asked everyone on Facebook: what is the 1 thing that makes your retreat, spiritual tour, or get away from it all holiday PURRfect????

This was the response~


  • To be at one with oneself and nature …absorb and listen to silence
  • Vegan food
  • Relaxation, meditation and time to see the local sights.
  • Sunshine ☀️ and warmth


Add yours in the comment box!


Here are mine ~

10 Ways To Make Your Retreat a Real Treat!

  1. Bring your kettle!

Yes, I mean it! Having facilitated retreats since 2003 it never ceased to amaze me that folks don’t ensure the comfort of a bed time drink or an early morning cuppa. Perhaps they didn’t realise that the rest of the world is not as hooked on a cuppa as us Brits so you need to make sure you take care of this detail yourself. Ask if there is a kettle in your room, if not, can you bring or buy one along with your favourite tea bags.

  1. Allow at least one extra day for packing

Travel light. Being bogged down by too much stuff is not fitting with the “letting go” ethos of most retreats and spiritual tours plus it’s a pain to manage especially in shared accommodation. So, pack, pack and pack again. After a climate check, I use feng shui:

Close your eyes…. See yourself on the retreat (not in a fashion magazine) see yourself getting up, going down for yoga, lazing on the beach, strolling around the village, going out with new friends for a relaxed evening meal…

Then you can cast to the side those “just in case” pieces and leave space for the wonderful treasures you will find on your journey.

  1. Take at least one more half day to tie up loose ends at home

Best motto I ever heard is: do it, dump it, delegate it, or date it – i.e. do it later but do get the essentials out of the way so they are not playing on your mind or worse, making you dread your return journey.

  1. Read the facilitators notes

If your facilitator is worth their salt, they will have included a little information of what you might need, if not, do your own research to ensure you don’t get into any unexpected difficulties and have the freedom to make the most of the sights, tastes and sounds of your locale.

  1. Set off with an open heart

Travel is stressful and tiring and things can take a minute to settle in. Be patient. By the time you’ve had a good night’s sleep things will start to flow

  1. Embrace what’s on offer

Embrace what is being offered on your retreat and at the location. Even if there are one or two points you may not love at first think of it as an opportunity to try something different.

  1. Set your own challenges and boundaries

Challenges don’t have to be about achieving, your challenge can be to do nothing. The last thing you want to do is get caught up in someone else’s agenda so while it’s crucial to merge and mingle with the group, remember you ARE allowed to do your own thing too.

  1. Limit Social Media

Most people go on retreat to get away from it all, so make sure that is what you do.

  1. Integration

Don’t be all doom and gloom when it’s time to go home. Retreat is about stepping back and taking a bird’s eye view of your life then making the small changes that can improve things. You might do 90 minutes plus of yoga daily on retreat but if you managed to sustain 45 minutes daily at home you would be taking huge steps to improve your health and wellbeing.

Ask a friend help: to pick up the dog, get fresh supplies in, going home to a clean and welcoming house will help you embrace life at home once again. Finally,

  1. Enjoy

That after all is the main reason you came in the first place.


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