Tales of a Spiritual Tourist: Dreaming on Holy Isle

Walking across a sunny and not so busy Glasgow, my good friend Robert said to me: “It’s all lining up for you”


Great publicity and reviews from your recently published book; the silver lining of the oil & gas slump in Aberdeen  – much less income but much more time! Great home life with your just-graduated daughter, Jessica and 2 super-woofers helping you look after things: Kacper in the Kitchen plus Allan the Aussie in the shed. Now travelling to Holy Isle to attend Charlie Morley’s lucid dreaming workshop.


He was right. It seems strange and wonderful to be on the cusp of something and know it.  I have been here before and easily realised that today was a typical example of how such moments reveal themselves. The journey was so smooth, leaving on time, without any last minute forgetfulness. Driving with Jessica to Stonehaven, sorting last minute details on the way; saying an unexpected but fitting farewell to my usually undemonstrative lover on the platform (we will be apart some time), catching up with paperwork on the train with many reasons to be cheerful – sockets and Wi-Fi amongst them. The kindness of a friend in Glasgow, a chance meeting on the short walk to the station of someone who will be a new friend, and of course Robert. The door is open.



Saturn Returns


Not only that, the planets are lining up for my birthday in November. This year is my Saturn returns. Saturn is the planet of purpose in life and every 30 years it returns to where it was at the moment of your birth. So at 30 and again at 60 and 90 we get these massive cosmic clarion calls – wake up and do what you came for!!!


Deep stuff. That is what happens when we connect with the right people.


So satisfied with my spiritual saunter through Glasgow and delighted that Markies now do GF sarnies, I took them and my full fat travel crisps on board the much quainter yet still well-equipped train west.

Bubbly blonde, easy-to-be-with Donna met me on the platform and we shared ferrythe ferry crossing to Arran and bus trip to Lamesh where we were invited to buy a couple of guys a beer – Scottish romance at its best! However our chins dropped as we watched our ferry pull out of the tiny harbour, but Donna – a lady worth her salt – was in the ticket office before my brain had finished computing and the Fisherman’s Friend guy she spoke to radio-ed them back for us!



So began our adventure into the world of dreams. Wild horses (actually), the garden they based the Celestine Prophecy on, self-sustaining ba ba brown sheep, open smiling faces, water and hills.

Enter the dream….

A delight and a living example of childlike innocence and playfulness living in perfect harmony with dedication and discipline Charlie talks about his experiences in the lucid dream state like it was PlayStation 10 or several incarnations on of first person view, each one with Technicolor, Dobby surround sound AND the full on back up of your subconscious mind – that amazing tool which is also directing the pharmacopoeia that is your body!!!!! Wow.

Using the Iceberg Model he explains that the tip of the iceberg represents the conscious mind and the main part is below the surface. We also use that model in hypnosis training to show trainees how deep we can go. Basically if you get lucid and implant a suggestion you are planting in the deep mud of creation, the Lemuria of the mind. Sound cool? So if you fancy planting your post-hypnotic suggestions or san kalpa very personally with first person view and chemical back up, here are the top 3 starter tips from Charlie-


  • Keep your dream diary by you bed and whatever time you wake up, however much you think you will never forget it – write out your dream there and then!


  • Repeat an affirmation when you are falling asleep, particularly in that space where images, sounds and body twitches just come as if of their own accord (the hypnogogic state). Start with something like. “I remember my dreams” building up to “The next time I get lucid I will….”


  • Make the intention to notice the inconsistencies that indicate you are dreaming (flying pigs, dead grandmas and Johnny Depp begging you to give him another chance) and offer an opportunity to the become lucid – ah Johnny Depp again, I must be dreaming!bird


Of course  be as mindful, alert and awake in your everyday reality. I loved how Charlie spoke about filling your lucidity bucket. At the beginning of the course when we introduced ourselves I shared with the group that I had experienced lucid dreams, precognitive dreams and other extraordinary experiences, ‘randomly’ (not really but what I meant was not deliberately sought after them) but then they petered out and died. What happened?

By the end of the course I had confirmed what I had always suspected. The stuff of life got in the way: divorce, debt, overdoing and overcompensating. We do what we have to do, not unusual. More interestingly I also hung up my water ski in that period. I had always noticed I dreamt more in the summer, it’s what happened and there could be lots of reasons for it but for sure when I went through my surf-bum in a middle-aged-mumsie’s body phase the dreams and experiences were coming in thick and fast. Charlie explains that the part of the brain that produces lucid dreams is right next to our balance center and that people who do balancing sports are more likely to lucid dream.

In the same period I was studying and teaching Sekhem, a high level energy from the temples of ancient Egypt and not only doing spiritual practice on a daily basis but living my life in a very conscious way. Result – lots of cool dreams and experiences. Next period of my life, building up my hypnosis business, writing a book, single Mum, sole breadwinner, the constant giving of being a therapist and trying to balance that with feeding your own soul – dream desert. So another turning point. Thanks for the sign-posting Robert, Charlie plus Chris and Asia – more than you know!



Find Charlie here – http://www.charliemorley.com/


It is all very exciting stuff and I will no doubt write more as I delve deeper, until then my dear fellow traveler, Bright Blessings on whichever journey you choose.


Love and Light

Vicki Rebecca

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