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In celebration of the launch of my new website www.vickirebecca.com I am offering a free one to one consultation to anyone who books onto the Cyprus Retreat 2017 in the next 6 weeks and I thought I would tell the tale of how I came to be doing this amazing job.

As a ‘spiritual tourist extraordinaire’, as I like to call myself, I have found that magical things happen when we gather in incredible places as well as when we reach pivotal points in our lives.

I have always had wanderlust and the book I am currently working on is the story of a young girl who hitch hiked to the bright lights of London in the glamorous 70s and 80s and follows her path through drug addiction and eventually back to spiritual truth. She circumnavigated the globe before she was 25, nicknaming that trip, ‘The Adventures of Fanny Hack-About Jones’ after a book she’d read. That story would put dear old Mr Grey in the shade! Yes, I have lived.

The big 3 – 0 approached and as Saturn settled into where it had been at the moment of my birth my spiritual roller coaster ride began. The first experience occurred after a cold turkey suicide attempt and continued as I deepened my development and always seemed at its most profound when I was travelling or in sacred locations here in Scotland. Yet nothing was like the experience of Egypt, my spiritual home. The learnings I made, inspired and informed the writing of my first book THE ME I WANT TO BE and indeed the subsequent chapters of my life.

Egypt 2001, with Simon Treselyan, Amr Elhelly and a whole bunch of other amazing folk was my first adventure as a spiritual tourist. I fell in love the moment my feet touched Egyptian soil. I was a changed woman on a journey there was no coming back from. Nothing had prepared me for the growth that could, and did, occur with the right people, in the right places and of course with the right energy. I have been having a love affair with such journeys ever since.

Every time I have been in Egypt I felt this deep connection, this feeling of home. The Egyptians, as fey as they come (and I love the contrast of the modern Muslim and ancient pharaonic beliefs) were always telling me I had an Egyptian aura. Being me I assumed it was the latest chat up line until I discovered that Scota was an Egyptian queen and us dark skinned Scots are very likely descendants.

According to the historian, Bower, the Scottish people were not an amalgam of Picts, Scots and other European peoples, but were in fact Egyptians, who could trace their ancestry directly back to a pharaoh’s daughter and her husband, a Greek king. The queen’s name was Scota – from where comes the name Scotland. The Greek king was Gaythelos – hence Gaelic, and their son was known as Hiber – which gives us Hibernia. According to tradition, this royal family was expelled from Egypt during a time of great uprising. They sailed west, settling initially in Spain before travelling to Ireland and then on to the west coast of Scotland. This same race of people eventually battled and triumphed over the Picts to become the Scots – the people who united our country.

A new book, Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots, by Ralph Ellis, claims to prove that this origin myth was no made-up story but the actual recording of an Egyptian exodus that did indeed conclude in Scotland.

I believe these deep-rooted memories and longings are in our very DNA.

I began facilitating my own tours in 2003. We visited the lunar based, other worldly site of Callanish many times, also Brodgar in Orkney and the very special sites around my home in Deeside, Scotland. The first tour I led in Egypt was 2005. My dear friend and guide Amr and I did 7 in total plus a retreat to Sharm El Sheik. Sadly the revolution in January 2011 saw the end of those tours and it was in fact with a heavy heart I began my travels to Turkey, I didn’t feel finished with Egypt.

However, destiny would have it that I fell in love again, in an earthly way this time. My young lover showed me around his homeland with great pride – we visited Pamukkali, Cappadocia, Izmir and Istanbul as well as visiting all the tourist resorts around Turkey’s incredible coast by car, bus, gulet and even tandem!!! This was my life from 2012-2015 minus the time I spent at home for the 2014 independence referendum. I was there during the June 2013 ‘riots’ in Taksim Square, seeing first-hand the rubbish reported on the international news. For me it was another pivotal point. The riots had led to cancelled trips including the detox retreat I had planned to attend. However, since I was already in Turkey, the facilitator said: come visit anyway. That’s how I met my dear soul sister Seda, my Turkish doppelganger. How strange to walk into a room and see yourself! We looked so alike, the locals in Datca, now “home” for me when I visit Turkey, think we are sisters – the only difference being I look more Turkish than her!!! Seda is not just a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, her work is her life, so you can imagine it took all of 5 minutes before we began planning retreats.

Our first, THE ME I WANT TO BE: RETREAT 2015, was aka “Not the Detox” The group,
all dear friends now, made it a holiday to remember –

Sadly it wasn’t long before world politics had us on the move again. However, the world gets smaller and more of us are becoming what my dearest, “Kacper in the Kitchen”, calls professional nomads. And with the help of my dear friend, Maggie Erotokritos, met on yet another incredible journey, this time to Peru-

THE ME I WANT TO BE: RETREAT 2016 became “Carry on in Cyprus”

We loved it and 2017 sees our return. This is the flagship retreat for my book

Highlights to one side, 2016 was a difficult year. I’d say on a personal level, but in fact 2016 was the end of a huge karmic cycle and I was certainly not the only one who faced challenges. I found myself questioning beliefs I had espoused with fervour from when I began teaching in the 1990s. I entered the year blissed out having just done 6 weeks in India but it took all of my strength during the following months to even remember there was something other than the negativity “reality” was presenting. Only the connections with spiritual sisters and brothers over the years and the deep sleep of that winter allowed me to emerge anew with 2017.

The spiritual tourist in me has been my saving grace, so my intentions are to continue my exploration of India. I am not ready to take tours there but if anyone wants to join me I am thinking Nepal winter 2017/18 before heading south to the beaches, However, both Seda and another dear friend Steven, are facilitating journeys there – let me know what you are looking for and if I can help I will. While I am there I will be available for 1-2-1 and VIP intensives – just email at enquiries@vickirebecca.com and tell me where!

I am also researching venues in Marbella (direct flights from Aberdeen – thank you Ryan Air) where I will be available for 1-2-1 and VIP weekends this winter as well as wellbeing retreats in 2018. There’s talks with the most incredible beauty salon to do a joint venture in Crete 2018 and I am negotiating a long weekend in Marrakesh for a goal setting / yoga retreat in early March 2018 – so watch this space and for tour specific email updates,
sign up here!

Every step of the above journeys have given me a massive shift of spiritual and personal development or at the very least a chance to step back and look at the world anew, not to mention having afforded me a precious connection with kindred spirits. Let me know if you connect with my experiences and please ask if you feel I can help facilitate the same for you!

Please have a look around my new site – www.vickirebecca.com which is an amalgamation of Vicki Rebecca author site and Spiritual Tours. If you fancy joining us on the next retreat I am offering a free one to one consultation to anyone who books onto the Cyprus Retreat 2017 -in the next 6 weeks and of course get in touch with any questions.

And coming up locally in the next little while –


Learn Self Hypnosis in one afternoon!

Sunday 28 May at 13:00–18:00

Chez Vicki, Aboyne


Scintillating, Sexy Self-Esteem

Learn to positively exude Scintillating, Sexy Self-Esteem in one afternoon!

Sunday 4th June 13:00–18:00

Chez Vicki, Aboyne

BOOK HERE – coming soon

Indian Head Massage Training

Learn how to give this glorious treatment in one day!

Sunday 18th June at 10:00–16:00

Chez Vicki, Aboyne


And, created especially for those who have had the healing and not the transformation and also for those of you – nurses, beauticians, teachers – who are doing the work of healing but not had the training to look after and protect yourselves in alignment with the change work that you already do, I present for the first time-

Lighten Up – spiritual and energetic development workshop

Learn the tools of the masters to raise and protect your vibration in one afternoon!

Sunday 4th July at 13:00–18:00

Chez Vicki, Aboyne

coming soon!NB this course is a requirement for Sekhem in August in Aboyne unless you already have certification in a recognised healing art.

Love and Light

Vicki Rebecca

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