Self-hypnosis: key to unlocking your treasure chest of hidden potential

Learn Self Hypnosis in one afternoon!

Learn the Steps for Self-Hypnosis• How to choose a method that suits you• How to choose achieve the relaxation response• How to use the language of the subconscious mind• How to create post hypnotic suggestions

13:30–17:30 in Aboyne on Sunday 11th February 2018
Includes lots of great information; the Self-Hypnosis E-book and MP3s
Plus Tea and cake! £50.00

Learn to master the language of the sub conscious mind and turn your dreams into reality!

Hypnosis is the greatest tool I’ve found for helping that unlocking process. One of the reasons I love it is because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis; so it is down to the individuals in front of me, not to me, in other words you go as deep as you are willing and able to go. So it’s using this tool that I’d like to talk more about during this training.

My role is facilitator or guide and what I’ll be aiming to guide you towards is tapping into your own resources, perhaps resources you don’t even realise you have – YET!

No qualifications are required other than an openness of mind and a willingness to relax – or at least a willingness to learn to relax – I’ll guide you through the rest

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